When Trinny Woodall, founder of Trinny London, visited Sydney recently, she invited Sigourney to her suite at The Park Hyatt for an interview and a little lesson in skincare - Trinny style.

I was pretty pumped to meet Trinny Woodall in person. In recent years we have had several hilarious catch ups for her makeup brand Trinny London over Zoom, often in the depths of lockdown, conciliatory wine glass in hand. But this was different. I was going to see the larger-than-life Trinny in her most life-like ever.

When Trinny launched her brand in 2017, she slipped seamlessly into her new CEO role like she was made for it. Her past incarnations as marketing exec, fashion columnist, TV host and author had taught her what women are looking for and helped to stoke an already entrepreneurial spirit. With laser focus and prolific content production, she quickly built legions of fans in major cities all over the world (the ever enthusiastic Trinny Tribes), launched a skincare line and single-handedly changed the way we think about beauty products forever.

On social media, she is a juggernaut, with over 1.1m followers on Instagram and thousands more on her various brand accounts. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm for fashion, beauty and vibrant living is infectious. You can’t help but smile when you watch as she generously shares the minutiae of her daily routines, hoping to learn at least one part of the recipe to her secret sauce of success.

Her MO is simple: women should never be made to feel invisible. After years of making over thousands of women across the UK on her TV show What Not To Wear (and spin offs) with co-host Susannah Constantine, she noticed that some of the biggest purchasers of cosmetics felt largely ignored by the fashion and beauty industry. Trinny built her entire marketing strategy around making these women feel confident. Her products are all designed to be easy and personalized: from the stackable pots of colour that can be applied with just fingertips to the match-your-colouring-exactly online tools.

As I entered her sumptuous suite at The Park Hyatt I knew that I was in for a treat. And what transpired was exactly that. Trinny invited me to embark on a full blown skincare routine alongside her in the bathroom where I learned more than just the correct way to double cleanse. In our video interview below, Trinny shares how she creates that all important energy both in the bathroom and beyond.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo

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