It might be surprising to learn that Jade Pentony, the Founder of the chic Central Coast Glow Beauty salons and Crème skincare line, didn’t originally set her sights on beauty. After realising during high school work experience that childcare wasn’t her jam, she was drawn instead to the world of aesthetics. It was actually her then boyfriend’s mother - a beauty therapist - that inspired her decision to leave high school and head to beauty college. She never looked back. After a stint in London and Sydney working alongside industry greats, she has now established herself as a mainstay in the industry and is a shining example of how hard work and a clear brand vision can bring success. She opened the doors to her enviable Avoca home - a design collaboration between Kyal and Kara and Studio Highfields - and shared a few of her most treasured belongings. 

Seeing people look and feel great, and seeing their confidence change is what I love most about my work. 

I really love what I do, I hope that shows in the way I run my business and my life. I think I am different to how people think that I am. I don’t put my life on social media so I think people don’t know a lot about me. I am very private when it comes to my family. I have been with my beautiful husband since we were 17. We have two gorgeous boys and a Labrador named Wednesday.

We bought our house three years ago…

lived in it for a year and the build took a year. It was designed by Studio Highfields and Fabric Architecture. Kara from Kyal & Kara also did some of the interiors. Laughlin Furniture Designs handcrafted the kitchen, bar and bathroom timber as well as the front door – they design, handmake and manufacture solid timber pieces on the Central Coast. 

My parents are both incredibly hard working… 

Dad had his own business for nearly 20 years which enabled mum to stay at home full time for us kids. My sister and I feel so grateful we were given private education; we weren’t spoilt but never missed out on anything. I was a kid that had a birthday party every year and hosted lots of friends for sleep overs. My parents were strict as we got to our teens, but I think that taught me the value of money and how to run a business. 

I think my style is contemporary…

I love colour and texture. My favourite designers would be Zimmerman and Zulu and Zepher but here on the coast my go to is La Boheme Lifestyle. Growing up we always had neat hair and nails as children and took pride in our presentation, I was a physie girl so I was into my spray tans and makeup, but I learnt everything I know at beauty school. We have a teen skin menu at GLOW where we do $70 teen facials and teach them about how to care for their skin. I wish we had things like that growing up.  

I thought I wanted to be a childcare worker but after doing some work experience quickly realised that wasn’t for me. 

Daycare teachers and teachers deserve a pay rise! I dated a boy in high school whose mother was a beauty therapist. I remember thinking what a great life she had and being in awe of all things beauty. I mentioned it to Mum (when I was in year 11) and she pulled me out of high school and got me into an amazing beauty school. I have never looked back.

The last 2.5 years has been by far the hardest professionally and personally. 

Covid changed everything for us as business owners. I found it incredibly difficult, trying to find a right balance as well as manage the pressure to make the right decisions when none of us really knew what was going on. The vaccination laws that were put in place in NSW, having to navigate conversations with my staff was a real learning experience for me. I am thankful that I managed to retain nearly all of them.

I have worked for some incredible therapists around the world… 

…including Jillian Adams in Turramurra as well as Bliss in London. To be a part of international brands and work with some incredible celebrities like Brittney Spears Kylie Minogue and Jude Law was an eye opener. That experience has allowed me to build my business on home soil and I feel so lucky for that.

We decided to start Crème [skincare] because we wanted something we love and couldn’t buy especially on the Coast.

We also wanted something we could sell at Glow exclusively so it just made sense. I start my day with a team meeting. We have 34 staff and 6 managers at GLOW so we use this time to plan out the days ahead. I’m at GLOW HQ most days and I work from GLOW beauty space 2 days a week on the floor. 

I use minimal makeup but in my handbag I keep essentials from Diorshow, Chanel and MAC…

I have had short hair for most of my adult life. I swear by Leave in treatments and I make sure I always get good shampoo and conditioner like Kerastase. I usually do a soft curl and I’m lucky enough that my team offer to do it most days.  I also get regular facials and peels once a month. In terms of supplements I live by Imbibe Collagen power and the Beauty Renewal gut health and glowing skin.

Skincare wise I am not a natural girl!

Active ingredients is something I truly believe in and need. Also Retinol Vitamin C B, all the big ones, peptides. My morning and night routines are the same. I only use [my own brand] Crème on my skin and make sure I don’t leave the house without sunscreen. I use Crème Clear cleanse, Super Serum, Flawless Face (which has retinol) and then Modern Moisture – I love layering products and believe it’s really essential. There is a really great product called antiaging flash ampoules Mesoestetic that I use underneath my foundation pre any event – it leaves you super dewy.

My flagship GLOW Beauty Space is a place for all hair and beauty needs…

And the Glow Style Bar – essentially a mini version which we opened in 2021. GLOW customers want quality treatments under one roof a complete beauty approach means there is no one like us on the Coast. 

Photography by Chris Mohen Words by Sigourney Cantelo

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