Growing up, I didn’t get attention from boys.

I was an absolute tomboy and I just kind of hung out with them, watching them push each other over and stuff. I suffered a bit of bullying and I had some self-confidence issues – not looking like a regular pretty girl and instead being very rake thin. It’s hard when all the popular girls in school have these rocking bodies and I’m built like a 12-year-old boy. Luckily I found a group of friends that were really amazing and lovely. I was actually scouted by the manager of Vivien’s when I was 15 walking to school.

I absolutely love modeling.

There’s nothing else I would want to do. When I look at an image I see the person that I’m trying to be and I think that’s important because you’re playing a character, instead of just being a pretty person. It’s truly an art, when you’re getting together with an amazing makeup artist and an amazing hairstylist and photographer and lighting team to create these awesome pictures, I just love it, I love seeing everything come together.

My mum was actually a model too, back in the 90s…

so she’s always had a vast knowledge of beauty products. She was a makeup artist as well and used to manage the Mecca store in Perth, which was fantastic for me. From a young age I’ve always been aware of taking care of myself. She has always been more “take care of the skin you have rather than cover it up with makeup” and because of my job, there’s lots and lots of makeup so whenever I can I give my skin a break. It’s important to let your skin breathe.

I basically just use Bioderma Crealine

that takes off all makeup and all dirt that would land on your skin during the day. After so many shoots and so many makeup artists using it, I thought, “ok, I’m using this” and I’ve just found it to be the best and most gentle product for my skin – it’s amazing, like a cotton pad just cleans everything off. I’ve actually found, I don’t actually need to cleanse my skin after that. The natural oils take over so you’re not drying out your skin. I just rinse it off with water and moisturise with my Bioderma Atoderm cream, which is the most nourishing, moisturising thing. Since I started using these I don’t use any kind of anti-pimple creams, my skin has cleared up apart from the inevitable odd breakout.

I don’t really use makeup.

For castings it needs to be really basic. If I have a breakout I’ll use a little bit of concealer, but most of the time just a little bit of powder and a bit of mascara. I use NARS Pressed Powder in Beach, I just pop that on after moisturizing. I have a Stila concealer as well which is really great, I just dab it on with my finger.

I’d actually been thinking about cutting my hair for quite a while.

My hair was so long that I felt like I was hiding behind it. I had been talking to my agents but only came to a head recently and it was just like “let’s just do it”. I didn’t realise how short it was going to be, but they showed me a reference picture and I had a consultation with the hairdresser and the manager of IMG, and it was just a unanimous decision. My hair was so long and healthy, I didn’t just want to chuck it in the bin so I actually donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so at least it’s something that another woman somewhere can enjoy.

I love it, it’s been one of the most liberating experiences ever, the amount of freedom that you have, you feel so strong afterwards. I mean every woman has a bit of an attachment to their hair but it felt like the right moment for a big change, so it was just fantastic to just chop it all off.

As soon as I get out of the shower…

I put Eleven Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment into the ends of my hair, it really keeps it nice and healthy and keeps the frizz down as well. In humidity my hair can kind of explode, well it used to, I’m not actually sure about it now it’s short. The hairdresser, Diane, actually used Redken’s Powder Gripon my hair right after she cut it, so that’s what I have now but any sort of powder is really good.

Interview by Sigourney; Compiled by Jasmine Turvey; Photography by Jake Terrey; Hair and Makeup by Desiree Wise. Shot on location at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

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  1. July 2, 2014

    I swear by Eleven Hair Treatment, too. It’s amazing! (Granted, I have a lot more hair than Emily!)

  2. July 2, 2014

    Love this hair. I’d never have the guts to make the chop!