MIRA Clinic, West Perth

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Housed in a beautifully converted heritage building in quiet West Perth, MIRA Clinic discreetly tends to some of Perth’s most recognisable faces and bodies. The clinic was launched in December 2016 by medical director Dr. Andrew Clark, and a team of registered nurses and a dermal therapist, who have more than 30 years of combined industry experience. 


MIRA’s recent renovation works are beautiful – its aesthetic is very much old meets new, with its beautiful, historic outer and sleek, contemporary interiors. The entrance and welcome area feel more like a chic lounge than a waiting room, and treatment spaces are airy, fresh and white, with high ceilings and modern furnishings.

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MIRA offers a comprehensive menu of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and my first visit to the clinic is also the first time I’ll be trying wrinkle relaxers – to say I’m nervous is an understatement. But meeting senior nurse Tracy puts me at ease, as she explains the clinic’s ethos of ‘redefine your beauty’, encouraging clients to embrace the beauty of their individuality by enhancing their natural features. “We want everyone who visits MIRA to leave feeling fresh and like the best version of themselves,” she says. 

Before I head into Tracy’s treatment room, my MIRA experience begins with a HydraFacial – a treatment that I’ve heard a lot about and am excited to try. Touted as the new must-try treatment for flawless skin, it promises to unclog pores, brighten, improve texture and rejuvenate using just one wonder machine with multiple treatment tools. 

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As someone well-versed in peels and microdermabrasion, I’m not averse to a little sting from a treatment, if it means that I’ll get glowing results. But the HydraFacial’s major claim to fame is that it’s suitable for even sensitive skin and the therapist performing my treatment promises major results with only minor redness and no irritation or downtime.

My Hydrafacial begins with cleansing and exfoliation using a tool that sweeps over the skin, opening up pores and cleansing layers of dirt, make-up debris and dead skin cells away. It feels like a small, firm cleansing brush being passed over my face, leaving it fresh and super clean.

Step two is a glycolic and salicylic acid peel, which has only the slightest tingle, followed by extractions in areas where my skin is congested. Where a traditional dermabrasion would use an exfoliating tool to extract, the HydraFacial uses a small vacuum tool that gently removes skin blockages. This is followed by a peptide serum being infused into my skin, which feels sublimely cooling after the peel and extractions. With my HydraFacial complete, I’m left to bask under an LED lamp for 20 minutes to encourage even more glow.

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Then it’s time for me to re-join nurse Tracy in her treatment room. I’ve already explained to her how much of a baby I am when it comes to needles, but Tracy talks me through the entire process and her quietly spoken confidence lets me know I’m in good hands. We discuss my main concerns – some stress lines across my forehead that are starting to look more permanent. 

Dr. Andrew pops in from his consulting suite next door to chat through the treatment and make sure I’m across all the possible side effects. As with Tracy, talking to Dr. Andrew is very calming – he happily answers my questions about pain levels and after-treatment care, assuring me that I’m in the best possible hands.

Then it’s time for the moment of truth and to be honest, I was expecting far worse. Tracy has clearly been doing this for a long time; she chats to me, distracting me from what’s happening just above my eyebrows, and with a few small pinprick sensations it’s all done. I’ve had my first wrinkle relaxers with virtually no pain - it was quick and easy. 

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Tracy explains that it can take up to seven days to see full results and gives me a couple of additional post-injection instructions. She confirms that she will call to follow up in the next day or so, but hands me her after-hours number to call if I have any concerns in the coming hours. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to use the after-hours number – I am side effect-free and without worries. My skin is fresh, glowing and plump from the HydraFacial and less than seven days later I’m also wrinkle-free; those persistent little lines have disappeared and my skin is smooth. Girlfriends comment that I look well rested and some ask if I’ve been using new skincare, but does anyone realise that I’ve had Botox? No. And does that feel amazing? Absolutely. 



Purchase a Hydrafacial ($150) and receive a $230 extra value package at no charge, including an LED session, facial lymphatics therapy, a DermaBuilder upgrade and a peptide mask. Simply mention Beauticate at the time of booking to claim this bonus. Offer valid for bookings made before and treatments performed before 15th September 2018.



45 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005
(08) 6436 3888


Story by Amy Pepper, images from MIRA Clinic