The Victorian Dermal Group, Melbourne

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At one of the busiest junctions in Melbourne, in the suburb of Kew, lies a boutique skin clinic so well hidden that even the most sought-after celeb could step in unannounced. Located within a tall office building, some floors up, The Victorian Dermal Group means business. The VDG dermal clinicians use the most advanced technology, including the latest medical grade lasers and treatment methods, combined with research, experience and knowledge, to ensure unique but realistic outcomes for their skincare clients.

Derya Koch

Derya Koch

I enter a suite on the second floor and am greeted by the friendly receptionist who offers me a herbal tea and asks me to complete a detailed pre-consultation form. And then I’m introduced to head Dermal Clinician, Derya Koch, who will be examining my skin before tailoring the most appropriate treatment. Derya’s flawless complexion strikes me first, and then her dedicated passion and expert knowledge on all things skin. She is warm and caring and genuinely seems seriously invested in improving the health of my skin.

“I believe in prevention rather than cure, as a result, we focus on anti-ageing and perform treatments to optimise skin health and function, which should be supported by good diet and regular exercise,” Derya tells me. Note to self – sort out diet and exercise stat.

Derya explains that The Victorian Dermal Group specialises in non-surgical cosmetic solutions and cover the gamut for a variety of skin concerns, enhancements, facial rejuvenation and leg veins.

No treatment is commenced before a detailed skin consultation and all therapies are bespoke to the client’s unique canvas. Derya assesses my skin and close-up images are taken before my face appears on a computer screen and filters applied. The first is a melanin filter which shows the extent of sun damage and pigmentation (it isn’t pretty). The next filter is a vascular filter which shows facial veins and redness (also not very becoming).

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Derya prescribes an Ultraceuticals lactic peel followed by LED light therapy then introduces me to my therapist Kelly, who explains that the peel will deeply cleanse and exfoliate my skin while stimulating collagen production to rejuvenate, brighten and hydrate. She preps my skin then paints on the lactic talking me through the process - a mild tingling is normal she reassures. Then she pops some goggles on me and places the LED over my face. At first, it’s like staring directly into the sun but it soon becomes relaxing, like falling asleep on the beach. Kelly then applies finishing touches – Ultraceuticals serum, moisturiser and SPF 50+ before releasing me, skin sparkling and spirit lifted.


I’m not surprised to learn that the Victorian Dermal Group has a high rate of return customers - they’ve certainly got me hooked. I leave the clinic already planning my next visit and as I step back into the hustle and bustle of the inner suburbs I want to shield my fresh face from all those environmental aggressors. I check myself out in the rear-view mirror and I am pleasantly surprised. My face is noticeably brighter, firmer and plumped and by the end of the week my skin tone appears more even and uniformed. I’m even asked what ‘natural-looking’ make-up I’m wearing when my skin is totally bare! It’s not every day your own skin gets mistaken for a beautiful natural base, but it’s one assumption I’m totally okay with.

By Lauren Kennedy.



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