Sitting pretty amid the hubbub of Sydney’s eclectic Glebe is Nature’s Energy Day Spa & Wellness. One of three locations across the Inner West, its stylish shop front stretches languidly along Glebe Point Road. On one side a vast concept store beckons, offering all manner of earthly delights from organic skincare ranges (including their own Nature’s Energy skincare brand) to crystals, sage, palo santo sticks and tarot cards. 

The other side of Nature’s Energy is an open workshop that shows the skincare being mixed, bottled and labeled before your very eyes and is testament, indeed, to its freshness and whole artisanal vibe. Behind the shopfronts stretches a generously proportioned spa and bathhouse dedicated to only the most divine rituals of self care and services. 

Today I’m here to sample the newly renovated bathhouse, along with a tarot reading and reflexology session.

I’m excited because I’ve experienced a couple of massages here and I know the staff are top notch. But today, I thought I’d step outside the typical spa square and experience something particularly unique to Nature’s Energy.

Yash welcomes me in and shows me to my locker in a generous and well-appointed change room where I quickly don the requisite fluffy robe (slippers are BYO) and lock away my device. I’m offered some tea, and encouraged to write down my intention for the day.

I scrawl something earnestly, (oh okay, if you must know: “I deserve to take time to honour myself”) and tie it to the wall amid hundreds of other intriguing little pieces of paper. Oh how I’d love to stay here and read them all afternoon, but I’m itching to see inside the Bathhouse.

Stepping into the dimly lit space, all is still, save for the comforting bubble of the spa.

Past the spa, infrared sauna, steam room and relaxation area, the space opens up to an outdoor garden with an enormous traditional Finnish sauna (you could have a party in there), a very chic shower area and an ice bath, all landscaped beautifully.

I start with the infrared sauna and then spend the next 30 minutes swanning between the infrared, steam room, traditional sauna and spa, with bracing cold showers in between. A date with the Bathhouse is very reasonable: at just $34 for $30, it’s a great way to ease into your spa experience.

They offer the lovely add-on of a Turkish Salt Scrub for an extra $67 with oil blends that are seasonally selected for maximum impact. 

Back in the waiting room, I’m thoroughly soothed and cosseted by all the warmth and water. By the time Jill collects me for my reflexology I have to stop myself from nodding off into the cushions. Once ensconced in the earthy-hued treatment room, I’m invited to kick back on a reclining chair.

I offer my foot up, apologising for my chipped pedicure. Jill takes it ceremoniously, as if I’m Cinderella to her Prince and gently sets to work.

Over the next hour, I enjoy the most incredible foot massage I’ve ever had and we chat through the various blockages in the body that correspond to sensitive spots on my feet. It’s equal parts fascinating and satisfying. Jill has a palpable passion for her work that’s so lovely to see. 

And then I’m back in the waiting area again, feeling even more relaxed, if that was even possible. Katie Jayne collects me and takes me upstairs to a room with a table laid out with a deck of cards.

She starts my reading and presents me with some amazing Goddesses, explaining how each relates to my life and what I will do over the coming months.

She’s a bright, glowing ball of positivity and intuition, offering up answers to questions before I can even ask them. Afterwards I feel inspired and excited about the future. I love it so much that I decide to book back in with her for an energy healing session

By the time I head back into the world I feel more than pampered.

I feel fully renovated on a cellular and energetic level. My body is soothed, my spirit is uplifted and my mind is open.

I take my time in the store, smelling potions and admiring crystals, eking out the experience and plotting my return. Nature’s Energy is a world away from sterile skin clinics and hotel spas, it’s a temple of relaxation and sanctity that is rare to find. 

Story by Sigourney Cantelo.

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