Long before we were all submissively ‘Delevign’d,’ there were brow stars of iconic proportions raising the bar and raising eyebrows (literally) the world over. When we all recovered from the pin-thin perils of the nineties skinny brow blunder (let’s not relive that moment…) we got back on our feet in the best way possible. Taking a browse back through the beauty archives, it’s safe to say we’ve always been a bit fixated when it comes to great pair of face framers…

From shape to shade, the architecture of ‘brow envy’ is a fascinating science. Whether you’re pining for a pair a la’ Audrey Hepburn or hell bent on defining the line, with a bevvy of over the counter brow products on hand, it’s possible to lift your brow game to iconic proportions. We’ve collated a visual history of some of the best arches, with the crème de la crème of the brow brigade all in one place. No brow? No problem!

1. Brooke Shields


When Brooke broke into the Hollywood scene in her early teens, her unruly pair of unkempt brows commanded just about as much attention as her acting chops. If you’re blessed with a killer set but need to keep them in line, Benefit Brow Zings will be your new best friend, equipped with angle brushes and varying palettes to colour match your brows.

2. Camilla Belle


Miss Belle is one of the front-runner’s in the new-age bold brow clique. Never seen with a stray out of place, these brows are intense and very nearly perfection. To get the look, invest in a refined brow styler or doubled edged brow comb. The Dior Ultra Fine Brow Styler will sharpen you right up.

3. Jean Shrimpton


Oh Jeanie, perhaps one of the sixties favorite faces. And take a look at those brows? Versatile by all means, this famous face is framed by a fabulously unkempt set. If you weren’t born overly brow-endowed, fear not. Anastasia’s No Brows, No Problem Kit has got you covered, featuring a trio of their best selling brow products. The peptide-based brow-enhancing serum is a definite standout.

4. Cara Delevigne


Cara, Cara, Cara. It’s no wonder this supermodel super power continues to go from strength to strength. Her eyebrows frame one of the most watched faces, landing countless big-wig campaigns, but their also responsible for the recent dive in tweezer sales! So, before you get googling ‘how-to get eyebrows like Cara,’ consider Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum. Give it two weeks and you’ll start noticing fuller looking brows.

5. Elizabeth Taylor


With a face like that, it’s little wonder the original Cleopatra had such a long list of suitors (and one of the most impressive collections of jewels). Taylor’s creamy complexion and raven hair make her brows pop with perfect precision. To work in a little intensity and achieve that effortless contrast, try the Brow Trio Palette by Make Up Store. The three-colour trio enables you to color match like a pro. Your brow admirers will be none the wiser…

6. Audrey Hepburn


If there’s one thing Hepburn had, it was timeless elegance. From her clean and classic personal style to her polished approach to beauty. Bushy and fuller brows can still be terrifically tidy, and the Gimme Brow by Benefit makes it all the more doable.

7. Lily Collins


Another graduate of the new school, Lily keeps her dark and delicious brows in line my adding a little clear brow gel or serum. If your hair is naturally very dark, tinting isn’t as much a necessity. So, to keep things under control, try Brow Gel by MAC cosmetics.

8. Sophia Loren


The envy of women the world over, the ‘belladonna’ that is the iconic Sophia Loren is one serious brow re-definer. To master that signature whiplash line that’ll add glamour to whatever beauty look you’re sporting, try a skinny brow liner or pen like the Stila All Day Waterproof Brow Colour, work from the arch outwards and brush with a comb post-application to keep it natural.

By Ashley Ropati.

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  1. July 2, 2014

    I have dark eyebrows and light hair (naturally!) How can I match my hair and brows, I don’t really want darker hair, but lightening my eyebrows seems risky!

  2. July 2, 2014

    Hi Penelope,
    Next time you’re at the hair salon ask your stylist or the colourist there to lighten your brows slightly. They will be able to lift the shade safely by one or two shades. x

  3. September 11, 2016

    Lily Collins’s brows are my brow goals!

  4. September 11, 2016

    With dark brows, sometimes I’ll just use the vaseline or chap stick that I use on my lips to tame my brows. Keeps the hairs in place all day!