To celebrate the end of 2016, we present to you some of our best and most popular WHOs. Since our launch, hundreds of women (and men) have shared their beauty philosophies on the site. Some things we’ve never heard before (interesting facial exfoliation methods for example... see below). Others were harder to stick to, but super effective nonetheless, like Miranda's morning cold shower for an instant pick-me-up. So we’ve combed through the archives for our favourite quotes, and posted them below for your own viewing pleasure. Altogether, talking to people while taking pictures of their beauty arsenals has proven to be a very useful hobby.


“I like to exfoliate my face with a soft toothbrush.

It sounds funny I know, but it really works.  It’s great for getting in around your nose, eyebrows and all those areas where oil and dead skin can build up. At night I use rosehip oil, it feels so beautiful on the skin. I also love coconut oil, which I use for practically everything – to remove makeup, as face and body moisturiser, in my power smoothie in the morning. Coconut everything!

I eat really well, barely ever drink and I’ve never smoked or touched drugs because I want to maintain looking young for as long as I can. I drink loads of water and I think it shows in my skin. My skincare and makeup is organic and it’s a reflection of my lifestyle, which is all about health.”


I rarely go on diets.

I eat everything; maybe anchovies are the only thing I don’t like! I eat pretty well the majority of the time, but I love my lollies, cakes and chocolate – I probably eat chocolate everyday. My lunch will be healthy, my breakfast will be healthy and normally dinner is healthy – unless I have some chips on the side – I love chips! I also don’t take any supplements – I think you can get that all from food if you eat right. My mum is an amazing cook, so my diet has changed since moving out. First we’d have entrees, then we’d have dinner, then we’d have a huge dessert – so my boyfriend Tim and I come over once a week for that and that’s our massive guilty pleasure!”

“I curl my hair and then leave it for four days.

I have straight hair naturally so if I kink it then it has this sexy beach vibe. I use Melrose coconut oil in my hair when I’m at the beach and even when I’m shooting, it’s amazing. I use ‘Hydrate Me’ shampoo and other volumising products by Kevin Murphy, and O&M style guru styling cream sparingly, just mainly on shoots to give my roots a bit of volume. I also use Evo Moisture and Protein treatments and L’Oreal Elnet hairspray.

I do a technology detox from 6 or 7pm every night.

Just so I can have dinner and be present with Jake, or whoever else is around – even to be with your pets. It’s really good for your body. Technology hypes me up and makes me alert.”

“Some makeup tricks I’ve picked up include…

applying my eyebrow powder before I set my foundation because the powder sticks so well to damp skin, allowing for cleaner and crisper lines. I also apply my mascara upwards and then towards my nose, this pulls the lashes in straight making them appear longer. I avoid contouring my cheeks if I have a breakout on them because it tends to look muddy. My first essential brush is my M.A.C 266 brush, it’s made from natural hair and is very narrow so allows me to define my eyebrows with detail. Next is my favourite eye brush, the Tapered Blending brush by Sigma, it blends eyeshadow into the crease effortlessly! Another essential is my NARS Kabuki Artisan 21 brush. It is the ultimate contouring brush because of its narrow rectangular shape. I also carry around a mini kabuki brush by EcoTools and dip it into my pressed powder before I leave the house. This way, if I need to touch up, I can pop my retractable kabuki out and powder my T-zone. It has a lid, which keeps it sanitary.”

“I like to rinse my body with cold water when I have a shower.

I have it on really nice and warm, then you go super cold even if you only do it on your neck downwards that’s good enough. It feels so invigorating and is so good for your scalp and your face, it really wakes you up. It really gets me going especially if Flynn’s been up and down all night. I love it! I even do it in winter, I just have to make sure my clothes are ready for when I get out. When I step in the shower I use the foaming cleanser from Kora Organics. Every second day I’ll use the exfoliation cream. After my shower I use the Kora organic body lotion all over my body. It’s really helped me because I’ve had dry skin on my legs before and this product is really good for that, it’s so nourishing.”

“I find when you have to look natural, that is the hardest look to achieve.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation is amazing for this. It just looks like I have really good skin. I also love her lipstick. I’m quite minimal, on the weekend it’s a little mascara, maybe some tinted moisturiser with an SPF, that’s one thing I’ve become more aware of from 30. Now it’s SPF all the time!

I grew up with Mum telling me that steaming is so good for your skin.

So now I love when facialists steam my face. I have regular facials at Face Plus MediSpa in Bondi Junction, when I can find the time. I always come out feeling great, I think a lot of that is to do with having time to myself. I’ve had a few laser facials as well, usually in the lead up to the Logies.”

“The stress of money is very ageing…

and has a huge impact on relationships and your career. Sometimes people have to accept certain jobs they don’t want just because of the financial situation they’re in. Or, they may want to break away and start their own business but can’t afford to. But, if you learn to understand money and use it to your advantage you can create a more powerful and exciting financial future for yourself, with a lot less stress. That’s what I’m really passionate about.”

“The must-have foods in my fridge and pantry are…

avocado, fresh salmon, chicken, spinach, eggs, mineral water, broccoli, brown rice cakes, olives, Himalayan sea salt, fresh herbs, olive oil, fresh chilli. My favourite recipe is oven-baked salmon with sweet potato mash and steamed greens and I love Impressed Juices and cold pressed Ginga Ninja juices – made with carrots, apples, ginger and tumeric. I also take magnesium daily. This helps relax my muscles and improve my sleep.”

Lemon water is always a good way to start the day…

or apple cider vinegar with some water – it really kick starts your body. Then it’s onto a Vitamix cranking smoothie with all the vitamins and minerals I need in a day to keep me going.

I absolutely love having my special smoothie in the mornings.

The main ingredient I can’t do it without is The Super Elixir. My smoothie recipe is: 1 frozen banana, 1/4 almond milk, 1 teaspoon of cocoa and 1/2 cup crushed ice. I also add in 1 tablespoon of Amazonia Slim and Tone Protein and quite a few of their powders. Toppings are great because I like my bowl to be thick and crunchy so it feels like a well rounded meal. I add seeded mix (adds some fibre and extra crunch) and hemp seeds which are rich in essential fatty acids.”

“My mum had full freckles and I loved it – but I don’t love them on me.

So everyday I’ll wear a little bit of foundation because I’m not a huge fan of my own – although I do love them on other people. I use a few different foundations, MAC’s always a goodie. Then I’ll always curl my lashes because they’re dead straight, then Diorshow, and then curl again six times. They’re so heavy they just wilt. I always use MAC Strip Down Lip Liner and my Nars Belle De Jour lipstick everyday.

I used to really struggle with my skin.

I never had bad moments at school – it was after school. I think it was stress and just life, and I really went through some bad times with my skin and I tried everything. My friend Sammy came to Sydney and said she used this one product called Arbonne, so I use the cleanser. Then I use the Embryolisse Moisturiser and it doubles as a great primer.”

“I’m really lucky because down the road is The Facial Room…

and they do really good facials. I’ll get rid of any makeup with some cleansing oil and then I’ll normally use a Dermalogica face wash. I love Goe Oil for everything – you can put it everywhere. I like the MAC Lightful that you put under your makeup; it’s a softening, brightening lotion on your skin. Then I’ll normally do some MAC Face and Body, but always really simple. Sometimes I’ll use a bit of Strobe Cream or a highlighter. I only started using the Strobe Cream all over recently because I was told I should!

Fashion-wise, I’m much more natural day-to-day and prefer denim and whites.

If I have an event on I get more dressed up, but it’s not often. I’m much more beachy, I’ve always grown up on the beach. I wear a bit of everything, but I own a lot of denim and I wear a lot of basics.”

“Orchard Street was a long time coming; I started studying naturopathy when I was 19…

and I graduated when I was 23. I always had visions for these spaces but I didn’t really know what it was that was going to bring that together. At first I thought it’d be a teahouse or a clinic, but it’s funny that what I imaged then compared to the stores now, it’s so similar. When I graduated I was quite young so I went travelling around the world for three or four years and learned from these amazing teachers, particularly in ayurvedic medicine and macrobiotic medicine from this woman in Guatemala. It was incredible. Then I came back and set up a clinic in Sydney for a while.”

“I’m low maintenance when it comes to beauty.

I love products, but less is more. If I’m not working I won’t wear make up at all, just [The Base by Lara Bingle] LB cream. I wanted it to have coverage because sometimes if I have a spot, it covers it. And I like the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Jaye Edwards from Edwards and Co does my hair and I use Evo shampoo and conditioner. I like the Bumble and bumble Salt Spray, or the Original Surf Bomb. If I get colour done it’s once a year. I just get out of the shower and I don’t brush it or blow-dry it.

I’ve had perfect skin my whole life…

and then it became a little weird over the last year, the texture was a bit bumpy and then I would pick, and picking is no good. So over the last year I’ve tried lots and lots of products. I go to Melanie Grant at Double Bay Clinic and I just get a few different facials like a microdermabrasion or peels. But only when I come back here to Sydney. I don’t really trust too many people. I love hydrating masks like the SK-II and using a moisturiser at night.”


“I think it takes a while to figure out how to  do your face.

Until you’re in your twenties, you just do weird stuff, I don’t even know why. Honestly, I think what was embarrassing was going through the awkward stage of learning how to do your make up.

As weird as it sounds, I actually use a Dove body bar to wash my face. I always have. Old school, but it always works for me and if I don’t I always break out so I just stick to what I know. For daily life, I try not to pack on a load of makeup, my skin rejects it, so unless I’m going to an event or a shoot, I try not to wear makeup.”


“I get my tanned skin from my dad…

And my mum is completely fair. My father is a mix of German, Filipino and Spanish and my mum is English and Irish. I was actually born in Northern California then moved to Hawaii when I was four. The Hawaiian culture is so laid back and chill, so I definitely feel like that’s a part of who I am.

I always moisturise first and wash my face. I just use the basic Cetaphil moisturiser and then I’ll start with a tinted primer and then it depends if I’m going out, I like to do my eyes first because I’ll wear more eye shadow. If I’m going to the beach I’ll do a little concealer, eyebrows, mascara, and a tinted lip balm. And sometimes that’s when we like our hair the most, when it’s been drenched by the salt and water.”

“If I’m having a bad hair day…

I use gel. As long as your hair is shiny nobody’s going to say anything. I use a random chemist brand, with a weird angry name like Super Power Gel. It turns your hair into concrete. I used to use it for ballet because I have so many baby hairs.

I think Kerastase is the one shampoo that hasn’t made my hair too greasy or too dry and the Initialiste is good just to have as a treatment. I leave my hair out or do a top knot or put a wave in it or something just to make it look a little more girly, because I do dress a bit like a body. I find that Moroccan Oil is too heavy for Asian hair, but argan oil is good because it makes your hair shiny.”

Story by Stephanie Russo

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  1. December 27, 2016

    That toothbrush trick is interesting, must try it!

  2. December 27, 2016

    What a year of beauty insights from so many powerful "whos"! Thanks Beauticate x

    1. December 28, 2016

      Our pleasure Kim – so glad you are enjoying them! X

  3. January 4, 2017

    I read this article a few weeks ago and cringed at Miranda’s suggestion to go for a cold shower – tried it this morning because I was feeling extra groggy and it certainly did wake me up and get me going!

  4. January 4, 2017

    I love Margaret Zhang’s slicked back gel look, but I feel like my hair looks greasy or wet when I do it lie that.. Any suggestions?

    1. January 5, 2017

      Slick it back into a bun or knot! It looks great!