We're all after a beaming, beautiful smile. Few things are as physically attractive as a set of pearly whites, especially in an era where one feels as though they should perpetually be selfie-ready. Although habits of brushing, daily flossing (eep!) and bi-annual trips to the (dreaded) dentist have been instilled in us since childhood, oftentimes even stellar dental hygiene isn’t quite enough to give you that confident grin you’re proud to show off. 


This is especially true for those of us known to love a glass of merlot on more days of the week that we’d like to admit, and/or those who can’t get through a workday sans a latte or three (we plead the fifth). On our quest for a Hollywood-worthy smile to rival that of Romee Strijd (both on and off camera) we’ve enlisted the help of a nifty cosmetic treatment – Sparkling White Smile.

The treatment works if your natural teeth are stained, a little on the yellow side, or simply not as bright and white as you’d like them to be. This was the beauty treatment that ensued the highest barrage of compliments this year – and that’s saying something, because we’re lucky enough to get to test the best of the (beauty) bunch.


The in-chair procedure whitens teeth by an average of eight shades after just one visit, and the best part? With Sparkling White Smile, this professional-grade treatment is all done from the comfort of your own home. Say “Sayonara!” to spending hours in a dentist chair – instead, catch up on your zzz’s or your TV show of choice. How does this all work? A mobile service comes to you, and after the qualified technician conducts a full consultation and sets up the equipment, the procedure begins.



A natural whitening agent in the form of peroxide gels is applied and then activated via LED light. We opted for the signature Triple Treatment, which meant we were in the chair for a total of three rounds of 25 minutes. 90 minutes later, and the immediate result? A megawatt grin, which seemed even brighter the day after. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement – few things produce a confidence (and psychological) boost as being able to grin without feeling self-conscious. And grin like the Cheshire Cat I did. It’s no wonder it’s been a hit with models and celebrity clients alike – I was receiving compliments left, right and centre, and my friends were asking me what cheeky procedure I had done recently because I just looked better, but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly how.


The caveat? I experienced some mild (albeit temporary) sensitivity during and the day after the treatment, which was helped by a painkiller – no dental procedures are ever fun, but the results were more than worth it. Another thing to note is it’s white food only for three days post-treatment (read: no to coffee, but a big YES to carbs of all kind – I’d recommend pasta with white mushroom sauce, avocadoes, potatoes, and white fish and prawns for the omnivores). The Sparkling White team also provides a complimentary take home kit, which includes instructions for keeping your pearly whites, well, pearly. Included is a 6% hydrogen peroxide top up teeth whitening pen that continues the whitening treatment, and is especially useful in the days post-treatment, when the pores of the teeth are still relatively open.


Some more tips for maintaining your smile at home? Use a (reusable or recyclable, of course) straw to drink coffee and wine when possible/socially acceptable; rinse mouth out after eating colour-depositing food or drink; invest in an electric toothbrush and a quality brightening toothpaste that isn’t abrasive on enamel; and use up the handy brightening pen provided until empty. This all prolongs the results of the treatment, and an annual top-up is recommended only if you so desire. Now that’s certainly something to smile about.


Want more?

Yep, at-home teeth whitening is pretty huge right now, and there are plenty of DIY options on the market at the moment. Oral B’s clever whitening strips are a cinch to use – pop on twice a day for two weeks and expect seriously gleaming results. They’re super convenient, too –  apply before settling down to watch Netflix, while cleaning your flat, or calling your bestie, etc, and you’ll practically forget they’re there.

If you’re looking for a greener way to whiten teeth, Korres’s anisum and eucalyptus-scented toothpaste is a fantastic option – it contains naturally whitening plant extracts and smells gorgeous to boot.

And for the beauty gadget obsessive, HiSmile’s DIY kit makes pearly whites two shades whiter in only 10 minutes a day. Its compact size makes it perfect for slipping into your suitcase while travelling – because who wouldn’t want to flash a perfectly Instagrammable smile while on their mid-year Euro trip?

Story by Marina Gainulina

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