Sick of all the wishes you’ve made (that probably haven’t come true) with the eyelashes that keep falling out? Yris Palmer, the founder and CEO of Star Lash Extensions, has some insight on how to take care of your lashes – real or fake – so that they stop falling out and show off your mascara more effectively.

Palmer told E! News “The best way to take care of your eyelashes is to dry them with a blow-dryer on low speed, cold temperature after your get out of the shower. Once they’re dry, brush through them so that they don’t stick together with a mascara wand.”

First off, it is important to never sleep with makeup on. This is especially true in regard to your lashes. Sleeping with face makeup like foundation or blush can cause blemishes but those can be easily cured. Sleeping with mascara on can weigh down your lashes and cause them to break. It can also lead to eye irritation. For these reasons, it is imperative to always cleanse your eyes with oil-free face wash before bed.

After you wake up with a fresh face and perform your basic morning beauty routine, Palmer suggests that you blow-dry your lashes on low speed with a cool temperature setting. Like blow-drying the hair on your head, heat helps the lashes to separate and straighten. This tactic perfectly preps the lashes to be curled as the heat helps to mold them to your eyelash curler.

Before using your eyelash curler, brush through your lashes with a mascara wand from under the base of your lashes, up and out. This allows your eyelashes to separate in a natural looking way. After your brush your lashes, curl them and apply mascara.

This procedure not only helps to prevent eyelash damage but it allows your eyelashes appear longer and more natural while providing maximum volume.

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