The thrill of an excellent beauty product with an equally excellent affordable price point is one of the greatest joys for a bona fide beauty obsessive. And, happily enough for this particular beauty obsessive, I’ve recently stumbled across an assortment of products I’ve been quite enamoured with, that all come in under a very doable $25. Get ready to get obsessed.

KOi Nourishing Coconut & Jojoba Oil Body Butter

It seems like supermarket skincare is having a moment right now. After many breathless reviews comparing Aldi’s Lacura line to a certain cult range of premium Swiss skincare, Coles have also made a foray into beauty with their collection, KOi. And although as far as I know it’s yet to attract feverish crowds everytime they restock, I’m still properly impressed by their offering. Their Nourishing Coconut & Jojoba Oil Body Butter boasts an expensive-feeling whipped texture that could rival an equivalent product at triple its price point. The whole experience is lovely – the scent is pretty and subtle, the packaging is cooler than its homebrand roots might suggest, and the formula is moisturising enough to satisfy even my fairly dry limbs.

Du’It Foot & Heel Balm

Du’It’s Foot & Heel Balm is far from the most physically appealing product in my collection, but the stuff inside is very good indeed (and I actually sort of find its fuss-free packaging quite charming). Our poor feet are so often neglected and/or in need of some serious TLC, and this product fits that bill perfectly. It contains 25% urea, a hydrating superstar that will help heal dry feet, as well as nourishing vitamin E and exfoliating AHAs. I don’t feel like my feet are uncomfortably dry five minutes after applying, which is often the case for me; pre-bed, I coat them before slipping on cotton socks, and wake up with noticeably softer feet come morning.

Kristin Ess Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo

Much as a micellar water removes makeup, skincare, and pollution before you go in for a second deeper cleanse, this shampoo from Kristin Ess purifies your scalp to prep for a more targeted treatment. I’d recommend using this first to properly wash my strands before using a shampoo specifically for your hair type – think a toning purple shampoo if you’re a blonde, or a hydrating product for dry strands. It offers Kristin Ess’s delicious signature scent and leaves locks feeling fluffy and weightless.

LUSH Outback Mate Soap

I hadn’t used bar soap in years but in a bid to make my beauty routine a little more zero waste, I’ve switched to LUSH’s Outback Mate Soap in lieu of bottled body wash – and it’s been a joy. Coming as a satisfyingly neat slice of soap with kaleidoscopic blue and teal swirls, its refreshing scent of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon grass makes for the ideal accompaniment to a morning shower.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream

After years of reading A-List celebrities rave about the magic of CeraVe, the dermatologist-designed line with a pharmacy price, we’ve been quite obsessed with it here at Beauticate since landing on Australian shores. Their Moisturising Cream is a bathroom cupboard staple – it works well for both face and body (a claim I’m generally hesitant to make, despite many products suggesting they’re suitable for both) and its ceramide-rich formula helps restore the vital skin barrier for soothed and hydrated skin.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot of Candice Swanepoel for Vogue Turkey.

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