You'll recognize the self-possessed Trinny Woodall from iconic TV program What Not to Wear, where she made-over individuals in dire need of fashion direction. In 2017 she launched her own global beauty brand, Trinny London. The range is polished and to-the-point, much like Trinny herself, with products that genuinely serve a purpose and fulfill a need.

Speaking with the beauty brand founder and CEO, it’s clear that she’s extremely well-researched and genuinely loves the science behind what makes a beauty product work. She’s a big fan of high-tech home devices (so long as you’ll actually use them, otherwise “don’t bother wasting your money!”), a good retinol, and committing to a skincare regime.

We chat with Trinny as she gets ready for her day and discuss her eponymous beauty line, her belief that any skin condition can be improved with the right routine, and why she doesn’t care for terms like ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘youthful’.

Interview by Sigourney Cantelo. Video editing by Valeria Valdes Cosilion. Words by Karina Wharton. Main image of Trinny via The Times

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