If long, lustrous locks is an elusive goal for you, your scalp may be the root of the problem (pun entirely intended). Haircare is no longer just about rehabilitating ends or boosting volume superficially – achieving a healthy scalp actually sets the foundations for beautiful strands later on.

Scrub Up

Our scalps tend to bear the brunt when we overuse hair products (which includes using dry shampoo for the umpteenth day in a row). All that product build-up can suffocate our scalps, making them irritated and perpetually oily. Add a scrub like Christophe Robin’s cult Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt to your hair washing routine to exfoliate and hydrate your scalp, and create a clean slate for your strands. The added bonus? It cuts back on oiliness caused by product accumulation, meaning you can eek a few more days out of your hair wash – and sans dry shampoo, too.

Healing Potion

If your scalp is having a particularly rough time with sensitivity and irritation, a specific scalp-soothing salve may be needed to bring things back into balance. La Biosthétique’s Lotion Ergines E, part of their suite of scalp health offerings, aims to restore normal scalp function thanks to the inclusion of calming willow herb extract, allantoin, and panthenol, plus the brand’s signature Complexe Sensitif, which helps accelerate scalp healing. And a happy scalp makes for healthy hair.

Analyse This

You’ve probably got a vague idea of the general condition of your mane – and incidentally, your scalp – but to truly optimise your scalp health, a more in-depth analysis is ideal. Kérastase salons offer a very clever diagnostic camera dubbed the Kérascope, that magnifies hair by up to 600x to allow your stylist to thoroughly scrutinise what your strands and scalp actually need, and suggest treatments and products accordingly.

Super Serum

For those struggling with thinning hair and sensitivity, a dedicated concentrate that addresses both concerns could be just the ticket. Much as we swear by serums as part of our skincare routines, a scalp serum like Sisley’s Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Serum can help optimise its condition, thanks to its cocktail of nourishing vitamins and botanicals. Brush a few drops through freshly-washed hair, or top up your dose between shampoos by using on the scalp dry.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Holding shot image credit from Instagram @sabinasocol

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