Image: @kyliejenner
Image: @kyliejenner

While Kylie Jenner might be in love with fiancé, Tyga (if recent topless shots of the pair are anything to go by), she’s much less enamoured with the platinum blonde hair cascading down her bare back. And, we’ve all been there (re hair regret, not topless couple shots…). Who hasn’t left the salon fighting tears or having a private freak out after a home dye job? Kylie recently ‘grammed her colour regret, citing that she misses her deep brunette locks and asked her Insta-fans if she should go back to brown.

I miss my dark hair ? should I go back?

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She had a mixed reaction from her loyal followers, but it has us talking about how to deal with a dye job regret. Here’s the Beauticate HQ consensus…


Let it grow on you (literally)

Before you declare you hate it, give yourself a week or two to adjust. You might come round and find that you love it. It’s quite often that a fresh hue or cut will look its best after two weeks when the excess colour washes out.

Play around with makeup and tan

If it’s too harsh/unnatural and you feel washed out (a shade too dark maybe?), have a play with your makeup and a little fake tan. A subtle glow, a wash of bronzer and a smudge of brown kohl may be all you need to take it from vampire to exotic goddess.

Admit the oops, retract and don’t look back. 

Everyone makes beauty mistakes (we’ve all been guilty of frosted highlights or a patchy tan), but some mistakes are fixable, or at least manageable. Try anti-dandruff or detoxing shampoo to strip excess colour (Toni & Guy Advanced Detox works well). Crushing vitamin C tablets and mixing through the shampoo also works- leave it for half an hour to a hour before rinsing, this can even help to strip reds. It might cost you, but if it’s really that bad, book another trip to a trusted salon.


Story by Emily Algar

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  1. November 27, 2016

    I used to be so scared to dye my hair, but I have to come to realize that I can change it back so easily. I get so bored with my hair and changing up the colour makes me feel revived and refreshed!

  2. November 27, 2016

    Just recently dyed my hair and let’s just say it didn’t quite come out as desired… It was a very dramatic change, so I recommend if you’re going for a drastic colour swap, change your colour a few shades with each visit instead of going for a quick, one-time dramatic colouring.

  3. November 27, 2016

    My daughter needs these tips, she is in major remorse right now, thanks xx

  4. November 27, 2016

    With the balayage/ombre look being so popular, sometimes letting that old colour mix with the new just works