It was long ago that I started my quest for fuller, thicker and longer hair. My journey has taken me to all kinds of places, from the pet store to buy the infamous "miracle" 'Mane and Tale' shampoo (yes, shampoo for horses was the “secret” to long hair when I was in high school) to the upside down of my bedroom in my various attempts to understand the inversion method.

In my late teens and early twenties I spent a lot of time chopping and changing between blonde and dark brown hair (and even blorange). This is of course did a ton of damage to my locks and by the time I had actually managed to grow out my hair, it was so brittle, I didn’t even want it anymore. Not even coconut oil hair masks could save me at this point. 

So, I decided to make the chop and I spent a few years with short, healthy hair. I used little to no heat and instead of spending my money on hair dye jobs, I invested in quality hair care products. I learned as much as I could and more recently I’ve been on a new journey to grow my hair out the right way. While there is no real miracle product that will drastically change your hair density or it's growth rate, there are some pretty fantastic products available that can help you make the most of what your mama gave you. Here’s what I’m currently using for healthier, fuller looking hair.

Plump it up

As a longtime lover of Kevin Murphy’s ‘Repair Me Wash’ and ‘Repair Me Rinse’, it seemed only logical to move onto the ‘Plumping Wash’ and ‘Plumping Rinse’, after my hair was fully recovered. This set is great for nourishing and volumising, with ginger root and nettle extract to revitalise the scalp. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain aloe vera leaf and bamboo extract to ensure the hair is getting a good dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Rice bran and rice amino acids help densify the hair shaft for locks that look and feel thicker.

Everything that Kevin Murphy makes smells heavenly, and I mean heavenly – and this set is no exception. Think musky yet fresh, floral and down right luxurious. It also contains sugar cane to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells and promote circulation, as well as shea butter to lock in hydration. They are cruelty-free too!

Refresh yourself

I bought the ‘Holistic Hair Essential Scalp Spray’ on a whim online over lockdown and it quickly became a staple in my haircare routine. I use this daily as it doesn’t leave much of a residue, and it has done wonders for relieving itch and dandruff. The key ingredients are rosemary, bergamot and neroli. It also contains a mixture of other herbs and botanicals that are great for controlling oil, soothing the scalp and leaving you feeling refreshed. The tonic also rather wonderfully helps with circulation, which is key in encouraging hair growth and maximising the appearance of hair density.

Peptides, please!

It’s no secret thatThe Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density’ has been floating around the internet for a while now and there seems to be quite the divide over this stuff. I personally think it works. I also think this and the ‘Holistic Hair Essential Scalp Spray’ do something magical when you use them together. I’ve almost finished my first bottle of this and I’ve seen some great results in the growth of my baby hairs around my hairline, as well as the overall feeling of fullness in my hair. It’s best to massage this into the scalp before bed every night for optimal results. I actually like to brush this through with my Denman Large Classic Styling Brush’ for a few minutes to encourage blood flow to the scalp and really work it in. This is quite a hard bristle brush so make sure your hair is free from tangles before going in with this one.

An extra boost

 This is my post-wash day go-to to make sure my hair is nourished and protected all week. The ‘Bondi Boost Rapid Repair Serum’ is excellent for breathing life back into dry, damaged hair. This was instrumental in getting my hair healthy again, with aloe vera, coconut oil and macadamia for soft, shiny locks. It contains a secret, natural- based ingredient that helps to make wispy ends appear thicker and fuller. The overall health of your locks is going to make all the difference in supporting denser looking and feeling hair, so it’s a good idea to opt for a serum like this which is paraben, sulphate and silicone-free.

Smooth operator

Argan oil, commonly known as “Moroccan oil”,  has long been known for its ability to prevent hair breakage and keep hair thickest and strongest. Often referred to as “liquid gold”, it has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in maintaining a healthy scalp. The ‘MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment’ is great for keeping hair silky smooth, and ends protected against the elements. Again, this particular treatment smells positively delightful. 

I have also used and thoroughly enjoyed 100% pure argan oil but I find now that my hair is repaired, this product suits me better for daily use. It keeps my hair nourished without weighing it down or leaving too much of an oily residue.

Article & photography by Grace Parsons.

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