During these unprecedented and unsettling times, we are seeking some much-needed guidance from those well-versed in optimising physical and mental health. So we turned to Lee Holmes, nutritionist and cookbook author behind wellness destination Supercharged Food, to hear how she’s making the most of her time while social distancing – we’re sure you’ll want to try her gut health-boosting smoothie ASAP.

How She’s Keeping Busy

“I’m in my final year of study for an Advanced Diploma of Integrative Nutritional Therapeutics, so I have been using the time to work on my assignments and study for exams. I’ve also been enjoying being in the kitchen and fiddling around with some new recipes. As a Virgo I’m looking forward to the opportunity to rearrange the cupboards during self isolation – I’ve started there and working my way through the house.

I’m also spending time in the garden and planning what I’m growing. At the moment the basil, mint and celery are going so well, so I’ve been making lots of pesto. I actually enjoy being at home and I like to work hard, so I’m using this time to be productive and creative. I’m really thinking about what content I can create that is going to be helpful to others, especially right now. I’ve been doing a lot of filming of recipes in my kitchen.

How She’s Keeping Healthy

Last week I created a new Lockdown Gut Immunity Smoothie to boost gut health – find my recipe here.

What’s Keeping Her Entertained

I love watching Survivor. I’m actually a Survivor tragic and have seen every season here and abroad I even applied for it this year! I haven’t heard back and am not holding my breath… unless it’s underwater for an immunity challenge!

We’ve also been getting into old movies, especially funny ones. We watched Blades of Glory last night, literally doubled over with laughter. Plus there’s nothing better than spending some quality time with the puppy.

What She’s Shopping Online

I’ve just discovered the Retreatment Range by Olivia Newton-John and have been loving that. Nourished Life sells the Ere Perez Foundation in Brew that I love as well.

My last purchase was a Yoga pass for online streaming classes from Power Living.”

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Images courtesy of Lee Holmes and Luisa Brimble

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