Now this is definitely a first world problem, but when we moved into our new home, our 55 inch TV was suddenly much too small for the space. Our couches are quite far from the wall and we were finding ourselves getting up to read the show descriptions on Netflix. Not a huge drama but annoying enough when it’s a nightly occurrence. Two realisations: we’re definitely getting old and it was definitely time to upgrade to a 65 inch.

There was no question that we were going to go with a Samsung. We were already head over heels with our Samsung The Frame TV and found the display, design, interface and features to be second to none. Plus it was a bonus that we even managed to trick our friends into thinking our TV was an artwork more than once.

Now the latest design piece to come out of the house of Samsung is The Serif. The set was designed by renowned French furniture designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and inspired by the letter ‘I’ in a Serif font. A fusion of creative design and modern tech, it’s designed to be viewed from all angles and even the back of the box is pleasing to look at. Clever, given that so many homes are open plan these days.

We wanted something beautiful to sit a top our new RJ Living Linear Entertainment Unit and we liked that the white bezel of The Serif worked back beautifully with our cream and beige living space.

What we didn’t expect was the insane picture quality. This would be to do with Samsung’s QLED Quantum Dot technology. It ensures that the colours are super intense and the blacks are deeper than deep. We upgraded our Netflix to the 4k Ultra HD and both couldn’t believe the detail when our favourite shows were magnified to 65 inch and in high resolution. It makes me want to watch GOT all over again!

There are also some cool options for when you’re not watching TV. We like to use The Serif as a picture frame to hold some of our favourite family portraits – it’s a nice way to make the TV a background feature when friends come over. It’s also got something called Ambient Mode which has two modes by the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, inspired by “the natural world” a beautiful leaf and a textured fabric — and with various colours options to match your mood.”


It’s also designed to be super connected with the Tap View. You can transfer what you’re watching on your mobile phone onto your TV screen with just a quick tap on top of The Serif (currently Android OS-based smartphones only).

 I couldn’t be happier with our new TV, which is yet another first world problem. It’s hard to get anything productive done when there’s so much good watching to be done.

The 65-inch The Serif TV ($2,699 RRP) has recently been added to the current line-up of 43-inch and 55-inch models.

See product via Samsung AU website here.

Paid partnership with Samsung.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Alice Mahran; Hair and Makeup by Jessica Diez.

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