Our pyjamas can often find themselves a little unloved. Long gone seems the romance of 'slipping into something more comfortable' in favour of 'whatever old clothes I can pull out from the bottom of the drawer'. But, sleepwear designer and founder of Jasmine and Will, Jasmine Lindsay is bringing luxury back to nightwear - and we're not just talking for bedtime. Thanks to the fashion gods who have finally decided it's acceptable to wear PJs outside, 'pyjama dressing' is a thing (that we're 100 per cent on board with), and Jasmine is the expert on styling your sleepwear and looking after their luxe fabric. Here, she sits with Beauticate Founder Sigourney to spill on everything you need to know about how to wear nightwear out, and how to keep them looking fresh.


Videography by Shiela Calaunan

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