Makeup artist Rae Morris is a skin-sorcerer. She creates such a beautiful, radiant base that people comment on how your skin looks. Not your makeup. (Major distinction when it comes to makeup). Here she shows us how to contour using bronzer and luminiser.

Step 1 – After applying your foundation evenly, blend it into the skin with a short haired kabuki brush (the Rae Morris radiance brush is great for this) in big sweeping motions.

Step 2 – Using a synthetic brush (natural hair will soak up too much product) or your fingers apply a triangle of yellow-based (to counteract blue and red) concealer underneath your eyes. Do a little dash underneath the outside of your eyes and another horizontal dash in the furrow of your chin.

Step 3 – Using a beauty blender or latex sponge gently push the concealer into the skin, using a pushing and rolling motion.

Step 4 – Using a soft flat brush (or a normal brush pushed flat with your fingers) apply a bronzer that is around two shades darker than your skin under the cheekbone up towards the ear. Create another shadow from the temple (in the same direction as the last) into your hairline.

Step 5 – Use your finger to dot some cream luminiser (in a pearly white, champagne or gold shade) along the top of the cheekbone. Blend it with a brush.

Step 6 – Use a wedge brush to apply luminiser to the brow bone just under the eye brows.

Step 7 – And there you have it – beautifully contoured skin.

Words by Sigourney; Photography by Jake Terrey; Makeup by Rae Morris.


Rae Morris, Makeup Artist


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  1. July 2, 2014

    This is fabulous – it’s so much easier to understand when there are visuals. You mention synthetic brushes, do you have any recommendations on the best brands to use Sigourney? Thanks!

  2. July 2, 2014

    Great images! I wish it was this easy when I did it myself – I must keep practicing!