I had eczema as a kid and I have a vague memory of it being super painful and annoying. Mum managed it with hydrocortisone cream because we didn’t have many natural options back then. Thankfully I grew out of it (as it would be tricky to be a beauty journo with highly intolerant skin!). Sadly, however, my kids have inherited it. No surprises there really, as it affects one in three Australians at some stage of their life. Max started getting patches on his knees and elbows when he was two or three, and it eventually spread to his face.

The poor little guy looked like he’d been attacked by monster mosquitos…

because he would itch his skin until scabs would form. And then he would scratch the scabs off and they would scar his perfect milky-soft skin. Any mother will know how sad it is to see your child’s virgin dermis marred by horrible skin conditions – not to mention how heart-wrenching it is to see them suffer. The doctor had prescribed hydrocortisone creams which did help but I was reluctant to use such heavy duty chemicals on Max.

Last month I told you about how a chance discovery of small Queensland brand MooGoo saved my sensitive scalp (I’ve suffered from a sensitive, itchy head for my whole life). When I called them in breathless paroxysms of relief, raving about how their Natural Milk Shampoo was my new holy grail, they offered to send me some of their other products.

The products I was really excited about?

Their Eczema products. I’d done some research on the brand and read the most heartfelt reviews from all over the world. One British schoolteacher told UK publications The Sun and The Mirror about her miracle cure from Australia. MooGoo had a 3000 per cent surge in sales that weekend. The brand has been in overdrive since to keep up with the demand that is coming in, as word spreads across the world of their gentle skin-saving formulas.

Within a week his redness had disappeared and the scratching subsided.

Damien and I also switch between a soap-free wash and using the Goats Milk soap and keep bathtimes short and tepid. As the months progressed his beautiful creamy-coloured skin was almost back to normal. A few scars remained but the beauty of young collagen is that even those heal with time.

When Lulu was a few months old she had some itchy patches appear.

We were straight onto the MooGoo and they never progressed much past that. Now whenever she has dry scaly skin I use their natural Skin Milk Udder Creamas a moisturiser. It was the original product that launched the brand – formulated by Craig Jones when he noticed his mum was managing her psoriasis with a thick goopy cream that was originally for cows udders. He set about cooking up a more lightweight alternative on her kitchen stove – and came up with the first incarnation of Udder Cream.

It smells a little like milk bottle lollies – sweet but not overpowering.

And from now on, that smell will remind me of my babies.This lotion is light and easily absorbed, and contains milk proteins, which increase skin elasticity. Add to that, the fact that they cured their debilitating itches, these products will always have a special place in my heart.

The lovely team at MooGoo offered to give us some awesome discounts.

When I told them I wanted to share the products with our readers. In addition to the 25% off scalp products(enter code MOOGOOSCALPLOVE) they’re now offering 25% off all of of their Eczema-related products using the code MOOGOOSKINLOVE. Simply enter the code at checkout when purchasing. Good luck and enjoy!


In Association with Moo Goo.

CREDITS: Story by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by Alice Mahran. Hair and makeup by Yolanda Lukowski. Shot on Location at the beautiful La Piscine – a holiday home available for rent through Contemporary Hotels.

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