Spoiler alert: we don’t think you really need a fridge for your beauty products or that they’ll expire a lot sooner without one. That definitely sits in the ‘not necessary but definitely nice’ category of beauty trends for us. But fridge-cold beauty products on a sweltering day is a refreshing treat we’re definitely keen to adopt this summer. Here, the items we’d keep stocked in our dedicated beauty fridge to help keep cool all summer long.

Spritz Bliss

First, the most obvious addition to your beauty fridge? A facial mist – already the MVPs of the summer beauty arsenal, their cooling properties are obviously amplified after a stint in the fridge. Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist and Avène’s Thermal Spring Water – both classics of the category – are blissful once chilled.

Ameliorate Your Masks

All that old school wisdom about putting cold cucumbers or refrigerated spoons under your eyes after a night of no sleep? It’s actually good practice – coldness helps blitz puffiness. We’re taking a step up from DIY remedies with a gorgeous hydrating eye gel, like this beauty from Syrene.

And yes, the logic holds for masks for the whole face, too – hydrating masks can work double duty by nixing dehydration while cooling complexions (we rate these offerings from Minenssey, Subtle Energies and Glow Recipe).

Summer can be rough on skin – it can lead to complexions being parched and extra-dehydrated, flustered and red (no thank you), especially for those dealing with conditions like rosacea or eczema, which can be aggravated by the heat. Opting for a soothing mask like these ones from Rodan and Fields or Kiehl’s should help calm things back down.

Sheet mask obsessives will be pleased to note the dedicated pocket on the inside of the door, perfect for storing their stash (we’re currently loving Skyn Iceland, Glow Lab, and Medik8’s versions).

Chill Factor

Don’t limit your fridging to just mists and masks – a totally chilled skincare routine would be just bliss when things get a little too hot. Start things off with a cooling gel cleanser and a skin-quenching, glow-boosting serum, then round things out with a refreshing and hydrating face cream (we’re currently reaching for ones from Jurlique,  Crème de la Mer, and Chanel) and you’ll be feeling cool as a cucumber.

Words by Tess Schlink, photography by Camilla Quiddington, styling by Kristin Rawson

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