With the highest concentration of the La Mer's famed Miracle Broth, La Mer The Concentrate is designed to be an intensive treatment when skin is going through times of stress or just needs a little boost in the glow department. We gave the product to six of our Beauticate Reviewers to trial for 8 weeks and see the effects before and after.. Here’s what they thought…


Post Chemical Peel, the product gently soothed and hydrated my skin as it healed…

Not long after I started using La Mer The Concentrate, I underwent a pretty intense chemical peel with up to seven days downtime post peel. Yikes! So this was the perfect time to try the product. Housed in an opulent deep green glass bottle, La Mer’s The Concentrate feels as luxurious as it looks. It felt like a daily treat for my skin, which drank it up as quickly as I could apply it. On my first application (with a very handy little wand) I noticed how velvety smooth it is – almost like a primer – and how easily it spreads across the skin leaving no sticky residue in its wake.

Although there’s no escaping flaking and peeling after a chemical grade skin treatment, I found it gently soothed and hydrated my skin as it healed, and there was a significantly shorter period of peeling.

When my skin needed a little extra quenching, I paired La Mer The Concentrate with the Crème de la Mer moisturizer. Once my skin had completely healed, I took to using The Concentrate on its own as a night moisturizer, which leaves it feeling fresh and glowy of a morning.  La Mer The Concentrate has delivered incredible results and I can’t wait to put it to the test after my next trip to the skin clinic.”


“I’ll be cleaning out the dozens of products in my cosmetic drawer and replacing them with La Mer The Concentrate and Crème de la Mer…

La Mer is a brand I’ve always coveted but never been game enough to try due to its exclusive price tag. This was my opportunity to try before I buy and I was chomping at the bit. For the eight glorious weeks, I trialled La Mer’s The Concentrate, I shelved all my other products. No other serums allowed – I was all in.

During my first application, I noticed its velvety smooth and sumptuous feel, like cashmere on my skin. It glides on and gives me a dewy glow without feeling oily or leaving a sheen. I imagine it as a protective barrier, shielding my face from environmental aggressors.

It has a delicate unassuming lavender scent and immediately has a calm and soothing effect on my skin. I soon stopped cleansing in the morning as it just doesn’t seem necessary. I wake with a clean and balanced canvas, no morning dryness or oiliness – both of which I experience depending on the time of year – just a fresh face ready for my next dose of La Mer The Concentrate.

I was impressed from the onset, but what blew me away was its ability to live up to its promises. I have had a lingering dry flakiness above my top lip for a good year now which continually reappears and which I’ve struggled to permanently fix. In desperate attempts, I’ve been known to go to bed with a white moisturiser moustache. Within days, La Mer The Concentrate healed all traces of dryness. In addition, my entire face feels deeply hydrated and my skin is soft, silky and supple. Redness has forever been a peeve of mine, coming hand-in-hand with sensitive skin, but over the eight weeks all signs of redness and irritation diminished. Now in my final week of the trial I’m reflecting on all the money I’ve wasted on countless products in an attempt to achieve what this product does alone. I wish I had have taken the plunge earlier. I’ll be replacing all the products in my drawer with La Mer The Concentrate and Crème de la Mer.”


“After using La Mer The Concentrate I noticed a major reduction in my acne scars – it was less angry and inflamed…

After walking past the La Mer counter with admiration for years, I jumped at the opportunity to test La Mer The Concentrate and Soft Cream Moisturizer.

As I have suffered from adult cystic acne in recent months and have been left with intense scarring on my face (particularly on my cheeks), the product really had to do the hard yards. Twice a day over an eight-week period, I massaged La Mer The Concentrate into my skin morning and night just as you would a serum. The product glided over the skin and immediately calmed any redness, leaving my skin feeling soothed and prepped for moisturizer.

To receive maximum benefits of La Mer The Concentrate, I was told to accompany the product with La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream – a beautiful cream that made my skin feel bouncy, supple and as soft as cashmere.

Around the six week mark was when I noticed a major reduction in my acne scarring. The scars appeared a lot less angry and inflamed and I no longer had to wear heavy, full coverage foundations. My self-confidence was finally starting to creep back after the disastrous skin I dealt with in previous months (thanks hormones!). The products did not cause any acne flare-ups and instead kept my usually oily skin feeling balanced. The appearance in my skin has already dramatically improved, and I assume the results will only skyrocket from here.”


“At 18 weeks, I still don’t have any stretch marks and I will continue to use it for the rest of my pregnancy…

I read somewhere that many celebrities and beauty editors (including Sigourney!) used La Mer The Concentrate on their bellies to prevent stretch marks. When I was offered to trial this product, I thought this would be the perfect excuse.

Although I’m a flight attendant, I have naturally quite oily skin (which is lucky) so I don’t moisturise my body every day, but when I started using the La Mer after my shower I immediately noticed the difference in my skin and my mood.

The La Mer The Concentrate Serum has the most divine scent – which smells like a mix of basil and lavender – which is very relaxing.

I loved applying it at night time as it has a very calming effect. The texture is quite thick, probably due to the mix of liquid silicone in the ingredients, however, once applied it feels light on the skin and absorbed immediately leaving my skin feeling beautifully satin soft.

A small amount really does go a long way, I found that just one small scoop from the applicator would cover my belly. The serum like all of La Mer’s products has a very luxurious feel.

At 18 weeks, I still don’t have any stretch marks and I will continue to use it for the rest of my pregnancy.  I am very happy with the product and love the way my skin looks and feels after using it. Overall, I do love La Mer The Concentrate and certainly will repurchase.”


“I’m amazed with what happened to my skin. We’re talking a glow that I’ve only experienced from a series of peels…

I’m a busy Mum of a one-year-old, a Cosmetic Nurse and business owner. During the course of testing the product, I had to fly to the Australian desert for work four times (45 degrees plus some days!). I also moved house and took my baby on an overseas business trip for a week to Manila. La Mer The Concentrate saw the ocean (near my new house), the red dirt of the desert, the humidity of the Philippines, the dust of moving boxes, and our engagement, so quite a few empty champagne flutes!

With exhaustion, dehydration, airport toilets, plane air conditioning and a little alcohol to deal with I’m amazed with this miracle broth and what happened to my skin.

We’re talking a glow that I’ve only experienced from a series of peels. This product created a smooth, hydrated and really soft complexion. It also cools the skin and quenches its thirst. The luxurious texture makes it so easy to apply, especially on a plane without losing any precious drops.

La Mer The Concentrate is honestly a treatment range product, (like the ones the beauticians use but you can’t ever purchase for home use) and when I have time I really want to head back to David Jones and experience their La Mer facial. The Miracle Broth within the products is a stressed skin saviour. My makeup glided on top, I didn’t experience any break outs or redness, and I feel the plumpness of my skin has softened the fine lines around my eyes.”


“The pesky white bumps that lay under my skin have cleared and that ruddiness that lingers has dissipated…

Day one of the trial and what I see looking back at me in the mirror definitely needs a little help. There are some breakouts healing around the chin and jaw (confession – I’m one of those ghastly spot-pickers) and more are underway it seems by the congestion lying beneath the surface. My sensitive eyes look exhausted, shadowy and puffy as they tend to go when they are dry and irritated. La Mer The Concentrate has its work cut out for it.

The first time I open it I am a little concerned by the paddle applicator. I’m so afraid to waste a drop of my ‘precious’, but the viscosity means it clings perfectly to the wand allowing you to dispense just enough for one application by swiping one side of the paddle or both sides if you want a bit more for a massage.

The herbal meets salt water fresh scent is an intoxicating mix of bush and beach. The texture is silky and light and sinks in immediately leaving no trace of a residue.

One week on after applying this miracle broth every morning and night my skin feels fresh and is looking more hydrated. I marvel at the rate at which my blemishes have healed, almost overnight – it’s remarkable.

Four weeks in and I’m starting to see some changes happening in the skin around my eyes. Everything is calmer, less discoloured and that inflammation and puffiness I get on my lids is calmly at bay.

I have a surprise moment of appreciation very early one morning during week five, up before the sparrows to catch the first flight for work I stand make up free under the fluorescence of airport bathroom lighting and my eyes don’t look exhausted, my bare skin looks juicy and plump and – dare I say – smooth.

By week seven the unexpected has happened in my trouble zone, the chin. Most of those pesky white bumps that lay under the skin have cleared and that ruddiness that lingers years later after once having oily skin has dissipated. I never expected La Mer The Concentrate to tackle that skin concern for me. Is it because I’ve never treated this problem as sensitivity before? There could be a lesson in this or just maybe there is more to this ‘miracle broth’ than I could have thought.”

Still life styling by Annie Lin; In Association with La Mer.

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  1. May 15, 2017

    I have read about La Mer products for so long and it’s wonderful to see real women’s results using these products

    1. June 1, 2017

      So glad you enjoyed the story Lilian.

  2. May 15, 2017

    Oh how I wish I was an Australian resident to get that free sample!!

    1. June 1, 2017

      Hi Ana – if you go to your local La Mer counter they should be able to help you.

  3. May 17, 2017

    I noted that as much as the ladies loved this product most were in there mid 20s early and late 30s. In would have loved to read what a woman in her mid 50s thoughts were in regards to this product. Also can it be bought and has ut been tried out in Australia.

    1. June 1, 2017

      Hi Jackie, thanks. We’ve had a few comments to that effect – so will certainly take that on board when we are selecting our next round of testers! If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer – please fill out your details herehttp://www.beauticate.com/beauticater-application/ and write us some sample reviews as per the instructions.

  4. May 18, 2017

    Honestly, I don’t believe it can rejuvenate the skin. Where are the 50 plus women with before and after shots. Where are the clinical trials and results?

    1. June 1, 2017

      Hi Karla, Thanks for your feedback. We’ll certainly take that on board for our next round of testing.

  5. May 19, 2017

    I was seriously interested @ first as parts of my work are based with chemically free skin products/ even medicines,& know anything that can be placed into a syrum has to be good ( though those most that are have some form of certified peptitides)… However after looking @ these pics,& sorry to say this though there were touch ups( had experts check this out), though really not needed when all are under 43 y/old: an about age when cells change everywhere(..& i’ll keep that short & simple). I was hoping to come across ONLY older women & more importantly those that have been through menapause. I have worked closely within all these industries for research purposes,& to see whats safe for even very unwell women(& men),& i design specific products for the individual; along with that i can rec. which others’ may be good to use for the persons entire situation.. this means life styles, & over all general mind relationships towards health. People that do find me with serious conditions,& work honestly with myself/or my team get better twice as quick, even faster for some. I have High end certified doctors who see me because they ‘got’ a cancer(how can this be because they are a doctor), yet the preference is my combined treatments rather than only catorgory western medicine. My works are more than just interest as i have one of a very Rare disease( often these don’t get much research if any), i have been told over & over again that i won’t live must past the age i am when the govt. law requires general information.The problem is that all talk as if i am some young little girl, to which many fail to check my age when I MUST see them for usually soft acknowledgement talks,& how they can go about their practices a different way/& combined with only Natural graded created products. After a small laugh(@ myself,& i can keep looking incredibly pleasant, fit… even though i explain i have exceptional ways of exercising without any harsh physical movement..yes even special designed limited outer movements work if one is stuck laying down a lot; the laughs soon stop when my age is properly checked, even some try & be insulting to say i have endorsed plastic surgery & had much but nothing shows when tests are done( this is just to please those who hold tight egos), but i still live & it still isn’t easy some days but i am well into my fifties now & still never get believed, even on a low day( though i only give myself permission for feeling sorry for this Rare condition for about ten mins max as without my hard work i would not have been able to get many terribly sick better.)
    Most Doctors & Specialists work with me now & listen, even trying to alter their methods rather than work hard in ‘over riding’ my good works.
    Until i can get my hands on proper test papers & true real persons, not this idea that prevention is better than what exactly??? .. because when one is of a certian body age they should be looking their best, simple, unless with serious sickness thats been determined not by ones lack of care to their temple then thats the ONLY area of a difference.
    Though we ALL are different, thus when this is realized properly then more who work in specific fields like myself are to be really respected, then their just might be more desire to grant more assistance ones proper well being,& this includes your own product use for awhile that shows exactly how lovely the dermis can look… this means a huge price tag does not mean that the ingredients are sound/clean & that will work for many.
    A minimum of a 1000 test trials on total individuals with different skin types & ‘issues’,& varied skin colours Requires to be transparent…& please no photo shopping as any good photographer can work with just lighting when it comes to pictures, this Is Needed for truth of belief in todays faked up world, why??? We live in the highest age of greed than ever recorded,& its all deliberate…
    Be concerning & caring to oneself first, then you will be able to do much more for your close persons that usually most will claim to love..
    Love to learn truth, not some very clever designed product… though not all are bad though most can not understand whats in these products, so please never believe a quick fix is an answer, for many a band aid is sold out there with price tags that really ought to indicate a red flag, especially if pictures of results are just to smooth…& 20 somethings, please, you will end up harming yourself early then you Will find you own a real problem. Do a little research & if you find a decent product you will find it falls well under the 100 buck mark,& for a decent amount.
    Much kindness

    1. June 1, 2017

      Dear MadameRa, Thanks for your considered comment. So sorry to hear you’re not well, and we appreciate the feedback regarding the readers we chose. We will certainly take it on board when we are next selecting our trial team! Just to let you know, the images of our test subjects were supplied by the readers themselves, so we had no hand in any image alteration. Thanks and best regards!

  6. May 19, 2017

    Real women who are not in the fashion or beauty industry would have been a more believable concept. Equally, to use women who have not had any laser or peels on their face prior would have truly demonstrated the ‘before and after’ efficacy…

    I haven’t had any facial treatments for more than 10 years, nothing at all…. I was given a gift of laser treatment and peels and I can’t believe the texture and quality of my skin after one treatment….I’m 48….lots of freckles…

    Please explore the opportunity to grow your test group across different skin colours and ages….and above all on skin where we can truly see the difference.

    Maria | 48 yo | Sydney

    1. June 1, 2017

      Hi Maria, Thanks so much for your comment. As mentioned below, we were honing in on a specific age group in this instance, but will broaden our scope in future. If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer – please fill out your details herehttp://www.beauticate.com/beauticater-application/ and write us some sample reviews as per the instructions and we will let you know if you’ve been selected!

  7. May 25, 2017

    Hi how can l try this wonderful product

    1. June 1, 2017

      Hi Jsnet, Please click on the link at the bottom of the article – and you can head to a La Mer counter for a sample.

  8. May 27, 2017
    Sally Wise

    What about you concentrate on 40 up !?? Of course you are going to see youthful skin on 20 to 39 year olds ! Come on get real !!!

    1. June 1, 2017

      Hi Sally,
      Thanks for the feedback. We will take that on for our next round of reader reviews. If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer – please fill out your details herehttp://www.beauticate.com/beauticater-application/ and write us some sample reviews as per the instructions and we will let you know if you’ve been selected!

  9. May 31, 2017

    Honestly, how can we take these reviews seriously? Someone who is having chemical peels? People in their 20’s and 30’s. You need real people who have genuine ageing or skin concerns, it might make me for one willing to spend my hard earned money on a rather expensive range.

    1. June 1, 2017

      Thanks for your email Bernadette – we are evaluating our test group for our next round of reader reviews. If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer – please fill out your details here: http://www.beauticate.com/beauticater-application/ and write us some sample reviews as per the instructions.

  10. June 3, 2017

    Why would the young need this product. Try it on 50 to 70 year olds who want to see a different younger looking face.

  11. June 3, 2017

    Sounds fantastic – how much does this miracle product cost? Compared with gold? Elisabeth

  12. March 19, 2019

    All of the test people are under 50. I am 60…I do use the product and it is amazing.. seriously should put of testers in that actually need the product

  13. May 4, 2019
    Jessica Exley

    I suffer adult ance, and have done so for 10 years now. I am really hoping this product will work for me.
    Please help!!