It feels like baths get all the fun: a whole category of fantastical products promising bubbles, foam, explosions of colour, and texture is available to those lucky enough to possess a tub. But for those of us who sadly only have a shower at our disposition (and my tiny apartment bathroom certainly could not accommodate the claw foot beauty of my dreams), all is not lost. Below, my picks of the products that will add a bit of the magic of a luxurious soak in the bath to your shower.

The Heavenly Bath Oil

Shower oils seemed the obvious place to start: their mellifluous texture adding a dose of luxury while still suiting shower conditions. L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil is a perennial favourite, a marzipan-spiked beauty that hydrates and cleanses simultaneously. It’s a great pick for everyone, but especially those with sensitive skin, as it adds a delicious dose of nourishment to dry limbs.

The Forest-Conjuring Wonder

Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy is an option I keep for special occasions – it offers only 20 (albeit very special) uses, so I tend to be stingy with it. But, oh my, what a dream it is. If you love woodsy, green scents that bring to mind an alpine forest, this you will adore. It’s a perfect example of the brand’s aromatherapeutic credentials, and the shower steam helps create a headily fresh cloud of scent. It comes housed in a very elegant cut glass bottle that makes for a beautiful bathroom cabinet addition.

The Shower Bomb (Yes, you read that correctly)

Lush can fairly be recognised as pioneers in this space, expanding their beloved bath offerings into products that can be enjoyed in the shower too. Their Shower Bomb is engineered to create the fragrance and fizz update of old-school bath bombs, sans an actual bath tub (I tried and loved the Comfort Zone, which crumbles into a blissful mousse).

The jelly that adds a good dose of novelty

Lush’s Shower Jelly is another wonder: hold it in your hand like you would a bar of soap except it’s a lot more fun – and wobbly! – to use.

The Ultra Chic Shower Gel

For the more traditionally minded, an elegant shower gel is a near instantaneous way to lift your bathing experience out of mundanity, bath or no bath. Chanel’s Paris-Venise Shower Gel, an accompaniment to the namesake in the Les Eaux range, is a heavenly option with its elegant scent that lingers (even more so when paired with a spritz of the EDT itself).

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Feature image by Juergen Teller for Celine.

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