In case you haven’t heard, vitamin serums are the BUSINESS when it comes to skincare. Vitamins A, B, C and E are essential for fighting free radicals, clearing dark spots, minimising fine lines, soothing irritation, increasing luminosity and increasing our defense against UV light. And, while eating a nutrient dense diet will help, only 1% of orally ingested vitamins actually reach the skin... Since Alpha-H launched their Vitamin Profiling Collection earlier this year, I’ve been a loyal and vocal advocate of the products. I’m such a fan that I’ve been known to cart around a little dropper bottle (even in my smallest of handbags!) of whichever is my current favourite, ready to top my skin’s vitamin levels up at a moments notice!

My current favourite is Vitamin C. I pile the stuff on in the summer months. I love that they have a featherlight texture so layer beautifully under any other skincare or makeup. I think of it as giving my skin a big green smoothie or shot of Berocca – whenever it needs a little boost.

As the weather warms up, it’s as important as ever to bolster your skincare routine with some hardworking actives. You should be using Vitamin C daily in the morning to help prevent UV and environmental damage, Vitamin B morning and/or evening and, E and A at night – depending on what your skin needs most that day. It’s also party season (and gift-giving time – you should totally treat yourself!) you need to give your dermis all the TLC you can. To help you decode your skin’s needs and for my best tips on how you can incorporate a little skin nutrition into your beauty routine, check out these short videos.


Dry or dehydrated skin can look older than it actually is. Obviously drinking water is the first piece of the puzzle – we need at least 2 litres. I’ve taken to carrying a one litre bottle with me through the day and making sure to fill it twice. Then look for a serum that is loaded with hydrating superstar niacinamide like Alpha-H Vitamin B serum. Pop it on morning or evening whenever your skin needs a moisture boost. The brand tested it and found that it significantly increases moisture levels in the skin.


Is your skin showing signs of time spent outside? I love exercising outdoors – I see swimming and jogging as a moving meditation. Most people use sunscreen but I never go outside without using a topical antioxidant in the morning before I apply my sunscreen. Not only is vitamin C an amazing skin-shield against environmental aggressors, it can help suppress melanin production that leads to pigmentation. Adding Vitamin C serum into your morning routine will help bolster your UV protection. While orange juice will help your internal levels of the big C, topical Vitamin C is 20 times more effective than the oral form in terms of skin care.


If your skin is having a total meltdown due to sensitivity, sunburn, acne or rosacea you need to call in the big guns – a.k.a Vitamin E. When my skin is freaking out after a peel or laser session, I’ll use a few drops to bolster the skins response and calm everything down. Vitamin E is proven to reduce inflammatory damage, which is a catalyst to extrinsic skin ageing. So not only are you minimising redness and irritation but you’re fighting the fine line war, too.

And that – along with a decent cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser – is all you really need skin-wise to weather the torrential tidal wave of the years end. Simplicity and a routine you will actually stick to – is key, so you can spend more time enjoying this amazing time of year.

Story by Sigourney Cantelo. In Association with Alpha-H

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  1. November 22, 2017

    Hi. I’m pretty sure you don’t use Vitamin C with B. I think I got that from The Ordinary Info. I use both as niacinamide is supposed to be great , although nothing has worked on some patches and I’ve used all year.