When we talk beauty products, we’re usually talking makeup, skin and body care – serums, moisturisers, primers, lipsticks, foundations, mascaras…. There are so many favourites in our repertoire, we were eager to find out which category won out as the fastest growing. What should we be stocking up on at Sephora?

Well, actually, you might want to look in a different aisle. We were a little surprised to discover that the beauty product soaring in popularity is also in the smallest category: supplements. More specifically, powders.

A study conducted by marketing research company NPD Group found that these ingestible beauty potions are becoming serious contenders for the more traditional topical sectors, most especially for the Millennials.

This preference for beauty from the inside – that is also time saving and convenient (The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty powder offers 24 vitamin-rich ingredients, a little easier to spoon that into your morning yoghurt than to build a plateful of fresh fruit and veg) – backs up other studies about the health habits of those aged 18-35.

According to the Project Harvest study (conducted by Horticulture Innovation Australia), Millennials are three times more likely to opt for pre-prepared fresh vegetables than the average consumer. According to the study, young Australians look for health and convenience above all else. Evidently, even when it comes to beauty.

It looks like Millennials are serious glow-getters.


Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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