Today, cosmetic injectables can be considered almost as common as ducking in for a highlights touch-up. But, there’s a demographic of clients that are leading the way, and it may not be what you think (you know, the Real Housewives cast, for instance). As Beauticate founder, Sigourney, revealed in her Edit on non-invasive procedures, the veil of shame around injectables is lifting and women are embracing it openly. Especially, a new findings reveal, for women after divorce.

A recent UK survey undertaken by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic found women are more likely to book in for anti-wrinkle injectables following on from a divorce.

The survey looked into the motivating factors associated with women getting anti-wrinkle injectables such as Botox and found 14% said that the end of their marriage was the driving force behind their desired cosmetic changes. Comments from family and friends were also motivating factors.

Of the 750 women who took part in the survey, the majority of those who stated that divorce would drive them to anti-wrinkle injections were found within the 55-64 age bracket making up 21.1%; although a high number of women aged between 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54.

Women in the age bracket of 65+ were the minority in the survey, with only 11.5% stating they would opt to change their appearance following on from a divorce from their partner.

Makes sense really, what better time for a refresh than when you’re right at the edge of a brand new beginning.

Story by Yadira Galarza Cauchi

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