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It’s not unheard of to decide to smash out health and fitness goals when life gets a bit out of hand (call it a subconscious desire to control something in our lives that’s controllable). But, as with the trials (literally and figuratively) Roxy Jacenko has gone through over the past year, she has taken this to a new level. Revealed recently on her Instagram, the PR maven has evidently taken personal and health problems and refocused them into a new health and fitness regime, with pretty incredible physical results.


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Managing a perennially hectic workload, two children (Pixie, 5 and Hunter, 2), Jacenko has become fitter than ever. With the help of her trainer Matt Flynn, she is incorporating fresh and clean eating habits and vigorous workout routines (evidenced on her Insta, along with progress shots) to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

Jacenko’s 2016 was anything but easy, as her husband faced legal issues and she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was also heavily criticised for her social media presence and parenting. However, always one to land on her stiletto’d feet, she has come out of it stronger than ever (did you see those abs?).

Call her what you will, no one can accuse Roxy Jacenko of not knowing how to skilfully make a morning lemony detox elixir out of life’s lemons.


Story by Samantha Blanchfield

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