Image: @theliplab

Image: @theliplab

If you’ve been on a search for the perfect blue-based red or pink-nude lippy for basically you’re whole makeup wearing life, you need to be clued in about The Lip Lab.

Basically, it’s DIY lipstick or lipgloss. You pick the colour, finish and flavour (yes, even flavour) and the consultants will custom blend it for you using high powered mixers. You can even add SPF- a saviour for outdoor summer soirees. You can choose to make the formula plumping or include an anti-ager to stop feathering. They even do a range of liners and nail polish, because, why not?

Their flagship store is located in Paddington, Sydney, however a steady chain of stores are rolling out across the country including Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast, various Westfield shopping centres and a handful of stand alone stores. So if you’re tired of leaving department stores with nothing but a broken spirit and lipstick stained hands, your beauty prayers have been answered.


Story by Emily Algar

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