Sometimes a heritage brand can be so ahead of the game that by the time everyone else catches up, it’s the newer brands grabbing the spotlight. Created in 1964 and the first brand harnessing the potential marine life holds for skincare, Thalgo is still displaying innovative technology. With the launch of its new Hyalu-ProCollagène line, which utilises marine collagen to plump the skin instantly and to fill established lines over time, it sounds like it might just be time for the position of that spotlight to be corrected. As always, though, we want to know… is that fancy marketing speak, or do the products really work? We gave five influential women from our Beauticate community (who were all willing to put aside their tried and tested skincare favourites) a mission: to thoroughly test the range and report back with their honest findings. Spoiler alert – if you’re after hydrated, glowing skin, this might just be your holy grail.

IMAGE: Shen-tel Lee

“For the last decade or so, I’ve incorporated a lot of actives into my skincare, so it was really nice to have a break from those harsher products. The Gentle Cleansing Milk felt really luxurious to use; I enjoyed its creamy texture, gentle fragrance, and fact that it really cleaned my skin properly. My skin is generally pretty good, though it’s always a bit dehydrated and definitely gets drier in winter. My t-zone has been my problem area since I was a teenager. My skin just soaks up the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Rich Cream – it might be a bit much for me in summer but it’s lovely right now. After I apply it I leave it for a couple of minutes and then pop on some makeup, which goes on nicely over the top of the cream, and feel ready for the day.

I’ve found myself keeping the Reviving Marine Mist on my desk, and use it for a refresh or mid-day touch up. It’s definitely more suited to my skin now that I’m older, than it would have been when I was younger and oilier. And the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Pro Mask is the best thing ever. The applicator at the end is a type of brush, which is genius, so you’re not wasting any product or getting it everywhere. After I use the mask, I can see a difference in fine lines. I don’t know if other people could, but I do my skincare for me, so that’s all I care about. I can see myself using this for the rest of my life.

I was lucky enough to experience all of the products during my Thalgo Hyalu-ProCollagène facial treatment at Sandra Slessar’s Rajeunir Skin Clinic in Mosman. It was amazing, and such a treat for me as I never do anything like that for myself anymore. My skin was so glowy and plump afterwards. And Sandy is gorgeous – I could talk to her for hours!”


“My skin gets dry really easily, so I’m always making sure it stays moisturised. Otherwise, I have no issues with it. I am very cautious about using new products as whenever I change up a product, I will get a rash within a week. It doesn’t matter how expensive the new one is! I love to try new things, though, so when I was asked to do this I thought ‘yes, it looks like it could work’ and… no rash yet, four weeks later! And no peeling. I’m particularly liking the Hyalu-ProCollagène Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Serum and the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Gel-Cream, which has a soft texture and isn’t too thick. I really liked the combination of those two together. Then I apply an oil I’ve always used, to lock everything in. It’s exhausting and overwhelming to think about replacing everything in your routine! So it’s been great to find products that fit in with others I have loved for a long time.

When I posted to Instagram about doing this trial , my French mother-in-law commented that she was so excited to see me using Thalgo. My French husband knew of it too, and he was telling me all about it before I even knew much about it. Europeans are always proud of their products, aren’t they? You can tell luxurious skincare is Thalgo’s specialty, and they’ve done it forever and know what they’re doing. The whole range is lovely, beautifully packaged and really thoughtfully designed, like the brush applicator included with the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Pro Mask, which I’ve been using almost every morning. The mask itself is so smooth, and the brush is gentle on the face. My daughter has been very interested and curious in all this testing, because usually I don’t use much, so I’ve been using the brush on her and she loves it. Also, it squeezes out exactly the right amount you need each time; I like when brands are considerate, and really put thought into what they do. The treatment at Villa Thalgo was delicious – I didn’t want to get up afterwards. I got to hang out and have girl time with Sig, too, which was so special.”

Aminata and Sigourney at Villa Thalgo

“I noticed changes in my skin as soon as I started using the products. It felt exactly how I hoped it would – plump, hydrated, comfortable… exactly how it does after a good facial. I liked pairing the Hyalu-ProCollagène Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Serum and the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Gel-Cream together for daytime, and using the serum with Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Rich Cream at night. I thought the gel cream was great in the mornings, as it almost has a little bit of tack to it, so anything you apply afterwards sits really well, whether it’s just SPF, or SPF then makeup. I found using the gel cream followed by an SPF that also contains hyaluronic acid is a particularly good combo.

I have a real combination skin, with an oily t-zone oily, especially my chin (the bane of my life!), and dry cheeks. The rich cream very much reminded me of a certain cult luxury product, but I found this better in every respect, and it wasn’t too much for my t-zone. I also think this will work in all climates, even in humid Asian and Australian summers. It was softer to use than that cream that shall remain nameless, which you normally have to warm up a bit before applying, and this had an instant effect as soon as it was on my skin.  If I was given $1000, I’d still choose to buy this over that other one!

The fact that the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Pro Mask comes with an application brush attached to it is genius. I’m a sheet mask junkie usually, but hate the way they feel on and the fact they just add to landfill. This might just have converted me. It was great to put on at my desk during the day. I mean, no one is wearing makeup to work at home anymore, right? I call these my ‘slop days’, and one of their many benefits is that you can keep doing your skincare all day. I also liked applying it just before bed, on top of everything else to seal it all in. I have to say, too, if you have come home from a night out and know you might be feeling a touch hungover the next day, this is the best thing to put on when you go to bed. It totally stops your skin looking like a raisin the next day. I have another hack, too, and that’s using the Reviving Marine Mist on your whole body once you get out of the shower. The can is huge so it feels like you can treat yourself, and not just keep it for the skin on your face.”

Villa Thalgo in Hawkesbury, NSW
Images: Melanie Burnicle

Melanie Burnicle, Makeup Artist and Founder, Beauty Boss Business

“As a makeup artist, it’s a rare day when I post pictures of myself to social media without makeup, and after having trialled these products and then experienced the the divine treatment at Villa Thalgo, my last three posts have been completely bare faced! My skin looked so good I honestly didn’t need it. The treatment at the Villa was phenomenal. I felt so nurtured and taken care of, there’s excellent attention to detail, from the set up of the room to the client’s comfort to the therapist’s product knowledge, and the facial massage they do there not only calms the nervous system but made a genuine difference to my smile lines.

My skin is generally more on the dry side, and always has been, so in winter I’m prone to tightness, eczema and irritation. A couple of weeks ago, I did a girls’ trip to the Blue Mountains, where it was absolutely freezing, and brought the whole range for everyone to try. Our group ranges in age from thirties to fifties, and every single person loved them. Even after we did a big walk in the wind, everyone said how nicely hydrated their skin felt. I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin overall – it’s absolutely glowing. Even my dad told me I looked good, and he doesn’t notice anything! I’ve been working on a film set for a few weeks, including night shoots and being out in the elements, and everyone has been complimenting my skin and asking what I’m using. These people really know their stuff, so in this industry it really means something to actually ask that! The Gentle Cleansing Milk is very hydrating, and felt like it was putting the moisture back into my skin. I actually normally don’t use cleanser at all, because so many cleansers irritate me or make my skin even drier. I just use a warm compress and go over my face a few times with that. Now, I’m using this cleanser morning and night. I haven’t used a toner for 20 years, but the Beautifying Tonic Lotion is super hydrating and gives me so much extra moisture. I had a high end client in my chair recently who apologised for her skin being a bit dry, and I watched this transform her skin while she sat there. Clients have loved the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Rich Cream, too, which is such a useful product under longwear foundation so it doesn’t crack or get cakey.

The biggest difference I noticed was from using the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Pro Mask.  Now, at 44, my lines take so long to settle after I wake up, but after regular use of the mask I notice my crease lines disappear much more quickly and aren’t as deep. If my fine lines are bothering me, I pop the mask on and leave it for ten minutes, then take a little bit of it off, apply the Hyalu-ProCollagène Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Serum and the Rich Cream over what’s left, and the fine lines disappear in thirty minutes. Game changer!”

Sigourney Cantelo, Editor & Founder, Beauticate

“I try a lot of products for work and my skin often has a hissy fit as a result. When I started the Thalgo trial, it was acting up again (think redness, dryness, just feeling sensitive in general) so I was a little dubious of trying something new. Plus the products have a slight perfume which I thought might set my skin off again. But, joy of joys, no such response! In fact, I very quickly fell in love with the range, and in particular the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Rich Cream – it’s unctuous and indulgent, thick but not pore-blocking. It sinks in lusciously and left my angry face soothed and satisfied.

I was lucky enough to head to Villa Thalgo with Aminata to try the range out with a facial. It was such an indulgent way to experience the products, with a full facial massage and some nifty roller techniques, and it left me with a seriously high wattage glow. Afterward our treatments, Aminata and I popped on the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Pro Eye Patches and kicked back with a glass of wine to watch the sunset over the beautiful gardens. I noticed my skin was still gorgeously juiced up the next day.

Over the weeks I’ve been using this range, I’ve found it to be a really comforting suite of products to deal with winter’s parching onslaught. I’ve loved layering the Hyalu-ProCollagène Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Serum with the Hyalu-ProCollagène Wrinkle Correcting Pro Mask then following with the Rich Cream: it’s the skincare equivalent of putting on multiple thermals and cashmere layers to brave the elements.”

Interviews and story by Zoe Briggs. This trial is a paid partnership with Thalgo, though all opinions are the reviewers’ own.

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