As a beautyphile I’ve always had a soft spot for body products. Body wash and lotion are two products that almost every human can – and should – enjoy daily. Showering and lotioning up is a regular indulgence that can be made all the more enjoyable with a beautifully scented and textured product. It’s a tiny ritualistic moment in the daily mundane. Self-care that is entirely accessible. So, when Minenssey presented me with their body range concept last year, my excitement was palpable.

As you may know, I’ve been working with Minenssey as Brand Experience Officer for the past couple of years and I have the joy of seeing the products before they hit the market. This particular duo was exciting right from the start. The premise? A botanical-spiked body duo loaded with macadamia and jojoba oils and scented most delicately with white flowers: jasmine and honeysuckle.

It sounded simple, but, as with many things in life, was far more complex than we predicted. Getting the fragrance right was interesting. It’s about striking the perfect balance of white flowers: you want it sweet but not cloying; floral but not pungent; creamy and fresh but not so light that it dissipates in minutes. And so the team went back and forward with the perfumer – a record number of iterations until finally – the scent was en pointe.

I can confirm that it is all we hoped for and more. Once the pink grapefruit was introduced into the mix, it provided just the perfect amount of zest to make it both mouthwatering and addictive. When I wear it, I can’t stop smelling myself, and the scent of flowers permeates through layers of clothing like a perfume.

It’s like walking through a Sydney harbourside garden in Spring when the honeysuckle and jasmine are at their most fragrant. That first tease of warm weather when you rejoice in leaving your jumper at home. So, in my mind, it’s the perfect antidote to cold weather. Perfectly appropriate any time of year, because who doesn’t want to smell like a jasmine bush in full bloom? 

Next was the packaging. The team wanted something clean and elegant, and in keeping with the Micellar Water packaging, went right back to basics with black lettering on crisp white. Understated and minimal, the result is something anyone would be happy to display in their bathroom.

I couldn’t be happier that they are both in pump packs. A pump is the ultimate time-saver when you’re racing against the clock to get ready in the morning. It’s also all about ease when you’re winding down at night. Now there’s no excuse not to hydrate yourself from head to toe and this duo make it all the more enjoyable. 

For more information head to https://minenssey.com/collections/body .

Words by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by Claire Wallman (@claire_wallman). In association with Minenssey.

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