Last Thursday we partnered with Clinique to host a Smart Women’s launch to help celebrate the brand’s new Smart Serum – as well as the launch of Beauticate. The elegant and intimate lunch was held at Alpha Greek Restaurant in Sydney city and had a guest list bursting with intelligent ladies – many of whom have already featured on Beauticate.

Fashion designers Carla Zampatti, the Watson sisters, Somer and Liberty of Watson x Watson, milliner Nerida Winter along with Sunrise’s Natalie Barr, model Samantha Harris and TV hosts Kate Peck, Erika Heynatz and Laura Csortan all joined us. We also had clever entrepreneurs Jodie Fox of Shoes of Prey and the Style Runner founders (and also sisters) Sali and Julie Stevanja along with nutritionist and chef Zoe Bingley-Pullin, fashion bloggers Claire Fabb of Style by Yellow Button, Andrea Zanetich of Fox in Flats and more.

On the menu was delicious dips and baked Kalamata olives, twice cooked octopus with spinach, white beans and vinaigrette, spanakopita spinach pie and a Greek spiced slow roasted lamb shoulder. But the stand out was dessert – chocolate baklava and doughnut balls with honey syrup and candied walnut ice cream.

And the cosmetic star of the show? The Clinique Smart Serum – a product that offers custom repair. The first of it’s kind, this super serum understands that all women have different concerns, and it contains a host of ingredients that target a range of dermal gripes and are only activated if your skin needs them. The high tech formula understands the damage that needs to be repaired and corrects as needed. If ingredients aren’t needed for a specific concern, they remain on call. Now that’s smart.

Story by Sigourney. Photography by Fiora Sacco.

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