Lucky thing, really, as during my recent visit, I receive a last minute invite to a pre-Oscars party in the Hollywood Hills. A babysitter somehow materialises for Max, and I decide Cinderella must go to the ball. But…  alas – my meagre little travel makeup kit is not equipped for a total Tinseltown transformation. And then I remember a little strip on Sunset Boulevard that’s basically a one-stop-shop for Beautification…

After checking in to my hotel – The cool and very comfortable Andaz – which, blessedly is a short walk and even shorter Uber ride – from the WeHo beauty strip. The hotel is sleek and stylish with old rock and roll memorabilia in the rooms, in homage to its history as being a crashpad for many visiting rock bands such as The Who and The Rolling Stones in the sixties and seventies – thanks to its close proximity to popular clubs like Whiskey A Go Go. Now, it’s a much more grapey varietal on tap – the hotel offers complimentary wine tasting every evening between 5pm and 7pm and the rooftop is one of the best places to take in the sprawling cityscape.


I front up to Blushington for my 6pm makeup application.

This blush-coloured boutique is a complete ode to girliness. Once inside the door I’m offered a glass of champagne and introduced to Tori who is going to do my makeup. Max is quickly settled on the couch with his Ipad (and sunnies – the little rockstar) and I kick back and enjoy a swift and expertly-applied base and smokey eye. She uses Stila, Becca and Jouer, all the while giving me some great makeup ideas – like applying Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector underneath my foundation (all these years, I’ve been applying it on top!) The whole experience is super convenient and enjoyable and takes the stress totally out of the equation.

Sadly – being the night before the Oscars and a night of many events – Drybar was unable to fit me in at such short notice. But I have been before and I can safely say it’s one of the cleverest and superbly executed beauty concepts I’ve seen. They offer $40 blowdries from a menu (choose from the sleek and smooth ‘Manhattan’ or the big and voluminous ‘Southern Comfort’). They have cute little matchboxes with hair elastics inside and free umbrellas to protect your style if it rains. A glass of champagne and energetic let’s-hit-the-town-tunes round out the upbeat experience.

Back at the Andaz, I settle Max in with his sitter, throw on a little black cocktail dress (I always pack one, even if I’m not planning a night out), empty half a can of dry shampoo into my hair and Uber a car. My Uber driver arrives before I can even close the app.


The party, which is being put on by The Supper Club does not disappoint. High in the Hollywood Hills at portfolio manager Alex Popas’ sleek abode, the soiree is already in full swing when I arrive. Walking through the door, past the valet boys, I feel like I’ve stepped into an episode of Entourage. The sleek modern home is wrapped around a glowing aquamarine plunge pool that enjoys vast views down over the city. There are two bars – serving creations from Mr Bartender with Loft & Bear Vodka and Revel Avila and a wine bar. There are delectable h’ors deovres, fireplaces roaring to ward off the California winter chill and the DJ’s beats give way to an incredible performance by electric violinist Rachel Grace.

Next stop is to see a DJ friend play at new club Warwick for a couple of cocktails before fronting up to old faithful, The Chateau (Marmont that is), for a nightcap before bed. Midnight seems like a perfectly appropriate time to order a spaghetti Bolognese and glass of red wine, which I enjoy before bumping into the lovely Charlotte Tilbury at the bar. We vow to do a story on Beauticate (watch this space!) and then I decide to take myself home before I turn into a pumpkin. Thankfully, Max is fast asleep when I get in.

The perfect morning after experience has to be a trip to the Ole Henriksen spa (story coming soon) so it’s lucky I have a 9am appointment the next day. I’m sad to check out of The Andaz, but vow to return soon, as it’s the perfect pitstop for a little WeHo Hoe Down, and luckily Sunset Boulevarde has the ultimate in beauty prep.


Have you been to West Hollywood?
Any hot tips?

Story by Sigourney.

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  1. May 19, 2015
    Clara K

    Your trip sounds like a movie

  2. May 19, 2015

    I went to Drybar and I loved it. Why cant they open one in Australia?

  3. May 19, 2015

    I live in Westwood and I go to Drybar all the time. When they’re booked out I go across the road to Eden Sassoons salon.

  4. March 30, 2016

    Try @glamsqaud next time you are here x x
    Amazing and they come to you