I just can’t get enough moisture onto my skin at the moment. And it’s all over! It’s one thing when your lips parch up and your faces starts to flake, but even more irritating is the slow desiccation of my body. The first sign? My cuticles start to fray, leaving tempting hangnails that just beg for a sly little nibble (always a mistake). My hands start to hurt after washing… and don’t even get me started on that dreaded sanitiser-sting. The drought gradually spreads to my elbows and legs, until my shins crack like a dried-out riverbed. The only panacea? A dynamic body and hand cream duo – taken twice daily. Ad nauseum.    

Said body lotion must be affordable, since you’re basically drowning yourself in the stuff. And it MUST come in a pump pack for the aerodynamic speed of application needed in the morning. Bonus points for a fragrance-free formula so even the most sensitive, stressed-out skins can partake.

Enter CeraVe. One of my all-time favourite pharmacy brands.  The formulations are simple yet so beautiful to use. They have been developed with Dermatologists so they’re expertly engineered to hydrate and soothe all skin types without causing any irritation. CeraVe’s best-selling hydration heroes are available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse nationwide. 

CeraVe’s Moisturising Lotion is my pick for head to toe hydration. It’s a super light formulation that sinks in swiftly, leaving a noticeable quench to lizard-like limbs. The best part is that it contains three essential skin-loving ceramides (see me wax lyrical on the benefits of ceramides here) along with hydrating superhero hyaluronic acid to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and dial up that glow factor. Starting at under $14 at Chemist Warehouse, you can afford to apply it twice a day until dryness well and truly subsides. It also comes in a pump pack: tick. And is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic – tick, tick! 

There’s a solution for the chapped hands, too. CeraVe Reparative Hand Cream is gloriously quick-to-absorb. It contains those excellent ceramides and hyaluronic acid, along with the added cosseting properties of glycerin (essential in any hand cream worth its salt). It helps to strengthen the skin barrier, whilst also helping to prevent moisture loss when you’re washing hands regularly. Starting at $8.99 a pop, you can afford to have one in your glove box and your handbag.

Both of these little beauties feature CeraVe’s MVE Delivery Technology which promises 24-hour (all day) hydration so you’ll be well on your way to ending dermal drought indefinitely. Dry weather? We’ve got this.

Story by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by Alice Mahran. In association with CeraVe.

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