Is it just me or is the old dry shampoo getting even MORE of a work out in lockdown? With fewer social occasions, I’m finding even less reasons to wash my hair.  (A tousled top-knot just goes so much better with tracky-dacks). But seriously, dry shampoo really is God’s gift to the lazy girl, but it’s not without its downsides.

For starters, I’m not mad about the fact that most dry shampoos are in aerosol form. Many aerosols contain volatile hydrocarbons, iffy chemicals that you don’t want to be inhaling or ingesting.

I also have to be wary of overusing them as my temperamental scalp can get irritated when product begins to build up. Enter MooGoo’s newest creation: a dry shampoo in a loose powder form. The best part? It’s made from super fine food-based powders such as corn and tapioca starch which absorb oils while being friendly to your scalp – and we have an exclusive discount code just for you (scroll on to discover…)

To use it I simply part my hair and sprinkle it in and then part it in different sections, repeating the process all around the crown and underneath sections of my hair. The result is mega volume and clean smelling hair minus the scalp meltdowns.

And I don’t just save it for Dirty Hair Days. I’ve often been known to give freshly-washed hair a bit of a sprinkle around the crown to add grit, texture and volume.  Yep, old DS is the hair product that just keeps on giving.

I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for MooGoo over the years. I first found out about this lovely Australian skin and scalp care range through my mum, who put me onto the shampoo to deal with my sensitive scalp.

When my scalp is really irritated I also lean on the Scalp Cream to calm it all down. I also rarely deviate from the Milk Shampoo, so it’s heartening to finally have a Dry Shampoo within the range. It also helps that at $17.50, it’s a nice, purse-friendly price point – invaluable in a climate like the current one.  Just another reason to skip the wash and Viva La Top Knot.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo, photography by Alice Mahran. In collaboration with MooGoo.

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  1. June 16, 2020
    Sally Odgers

    I just bought some of this but haven’t used it yet. I’ve been using MooGoo for years and sometimes wash my hair with MooGoo soap. It doesn’t irritate.