It’s a bright, clear winter’s morning in Sydney’s Woollahra when I slip off a bustling tree-lined street into Pamperina’s chic and cosy salon. The brainchild of Georgie Palamountain, the salon offers a full suite of beauty treatments all in one elegantly-appointed space.

Since opening in early 2019, the salon has been treating Sydney’s well-heeled beauty lovers to European-inspired facials, manicures and pedicures, lash treatments, waxing, and more – and I’m excited to experience what it’s got on offer.

I’m welcomed by the charming Silvia, my beauty therapist for today. Possessing that characteristically Italian warmth, she describes herself as a classical beauty therapist, favouring non-invasive, traditional facials for long-term skin health.

She talks me through the Continental ranges and techniques she was trained with that she’s looking to introduce to Australia.

In Italy, she shares, women invest in monthly facials (as, famously, French women also typically do), while in her experience Australian women tend to be less diligent with regular treatments, then try to correct things later with injectables.

I like the sound of her gentler philosophy to skin health and make a mental note to be more disciplined with my facials.

Today I’m experiencing Pamperina’s Signature Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – a comprehensive treatment that promises a purified and hydrated complexion, which I’ll never say no to. It involves a thorough cleanse and extractions, and a glow-giving enzyme peel from Dr Spiller, topped off with hydrating ampoules, masks, and serums to round out the treatment.

The salon uses a select edit of brands, including Dermalogica, Dr Spiller, and Dr Alex, which they also have available to purchase to complement their treatment regimen.

I’m then treated to their ‘Anti-Cellulite Lymphatic Drainage Leg and Tummy Massage’, a satisfyingly thorough massage that’s simultaneously quite intense and relaxing.

For those unfamiliar, your lymphatic system transports fluids around the body but needs constant stimulation (through exercise or body brushing, both of which I’ve been guilty of neglecting) to keep things moving.

This hardcore muscle manipulation allows your body to rid itself of fluid retention, and I’m left feeling lighter and energised. Silvia imparts that putting your legs up a wall for ten minutes a day is a simple way to care for your lymphatic system by letting gravity draw down excess fluids, and I vow to recommit to my body brushing practice and to up my daily step count – as well as scheduling in these massages regularly.

At the end of the treatment, Silvia greets me with a beautiful cut crystal glass of water (the treatment lasted some two hours overall so I’m in need of a dose of rehydration) and I emerge from the treatment with majorly hydrated and glowy skin.

I’m being treated to a surprise dinner out with my husband tonight (our first date night in months due to lockdown) and I think I need just a few licks of mascara and a brow brush to be ready to go – no base products required.

Story by Tess de Vivie de Régie. Images from Pamperina.


142 Edgecliff Rd, Woollahra NSW 2025
(02) 8328 0737

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