Advanced Aesthetics Medi-Clinic discreetly resides in the Pindara Specialist Suites, a hub of medical consultation offices on the fringe of the Pindara Private Hospital campus in a quiet parkland encircled corner of Benowa. With undercover & free onsite parking in abundance and a coffee house awaiting you in the lobby you can skip from car to Medi-Clinic reception, cappuccino in hand with minimal logistical effort.

The outlook from the third-floor reception area, also home to Plastic Surgeon Dr Dilip Gahankari’s consultation room is serene and leafy and flooded in the Gold Coast sunlight.

The close knit team, mostly connected through previous positions at clinics on the Gold Coast, have all found their way back to working together with many of their loyal clientele following suit. Under-pinned by Dr Gahankari’s reputation for passion and trusted cosmetic augmentation expertise, it seems it is the progressive, results driven and holistic scope of Advanced Aesthetics medical-grade treatment offerings that keeps both the staff and customers alike loyal.

As the caffeine kicks in, I whizz though my simple medical based consultation form to allow myself some time to curiously peruse the attractive array of cosmeceuticals I’ve spotted on display. I am then introduced to Moana, my immaculately groomed dermal therapist who is dressed head to toe in a sleek black uniform. She affably sets the order of expectation for my antioxidant abundant SkinCeuticals New York Facial treatment to come before leading me into an airy, bright and very sizeable treatment room.


Moana nips out to get me a glass of cold water and I nestle comfortably into a plush treatment bed that seems ginormous even for this 30 week pregnant bump. As I remove all jewellery as instructed, I take in the tranquil park views and find myself daydreaming of Central Park as I await to embark on my New York-bound treatment journey.

After a refreshing cleanse we are full throttle towards thoroughly renewed skin, starting with phase one exfoliation using a physical micro scrub. Phase two shifts to chemical in the form of a prescribed Micro Peel Solution. We omitted this step for my pregnancy skin but a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids would have been administered for my combination skin type with some congestion.

Post peel comes the big guns, microdermabrasion. We start gently and once I’ve confirmed I’m comfortable with the pressure that feels sandy and coarse but not at all stingy, Moana ups the ante a little as I am more tolerant from my regular home use of skin actives. I’ve had many a microdermabrasion in my time but never before have behind my ears, lobes and even ear cavity been tended to. Such satisfying attention to detail that leaves my skin zinging and a wash with a feeling of total skin virtuousness.


The perfect antidote to all this exfoliation arrives in the form of a cooling, soothing massage utilising a hydrating and plumping vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid rich serum gel that glides like silk over my face and is worked firmly into my knotty, tense shoulders. My hands rejoice as they are anointed in oil before being plunged into two makeshift gloves and the inviting warmth of a pomegranate paraffin mask. Bliss.

Yet more actives follow suit as a creamy, cooling layer of a clinical grade Vitamin C Firming Masque is brushed onto my face and décolletage. I have almost succumbed to the sleepy comforts of my surrounds when Moana sweeps back into the room with some hot towels to remove the mask and layer on some anti-oxidant abundant C EFerulic serum, day cream, eye gel and of course SPF. I emerge revived and feeling like a bona fide pampered Park Avenue princess. I sashay out of the lift and catch my very plump and glowy reflection in the mirror and note to self how easily future me could slink out of Advanced Aesthetics and straight into my car without any risk of sun exposure, or a side-eye to a post-peel face when I return to trusted hands.

That evening my complexion looks intensely hydrated, firm and plump. Two days later my hubby proclaims on the way home from a BBQ that even he had noticed how radiant my skin was looking. Moana diligently checks in on my skin’s progress after the weekend with a phone call and I confirm I am still revelling in my plump glow with no flakiness to report and only one tiny spot that has surfaced which she warned may happen on my congested chin area.


Dr Gahankari and his friendly and approachable team of highly-skilled professional therapists offer a holistic selection of anti-ageing, medical-grade skin and beauty and laser treatments & injectables for both men and women. Choose from a skin health menu of Skin Ceuticals facials, Mesoestetic medical grade peels, microdermabrasion and skin needling. The laser centre also offers tattoo and hair removal, cosmetic tattoos, laser skin resurfacing, thermalysis, pulsed light and photorevelation treatments. Whilst at the Medi-Clinic you can also cherry-pick from a range of beauty and body maintenance treatments such as a massage, waxing, tinting or a spray tan for the full top to toe refresh experience.


Review by Julie Wakely



Pindara Specialist Suites
Level 3, Suite 305, 29 Carrara St Benowa QLD 4217
1300 007 300

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  1. July 29, 2016

    If the hubby noticed it is DEFINITELY worth it, thanks for the insight! Will have to check this place out

  2. July 29, 2016

    I have been for massages and other maintenance and love it here. Will definitely be in next time for some microdermabrasion after reading this article