Tucked away on leafy St. Kilda Road in Melbourne is Skin Temple – a medispa in the purest sense of the word. With five treatment rooms, a stunning tiled hammam and a treatment list to rival exotic spas in Asia and the Middle East, the sizeable location is just the ticket when you want a seriously credible skin treatment combined with the escapism of a spa. Presided over by respected Cosmetic Physician Dr Alicia Teska, the team are experts at addressing even the most serious skin woes.

 ambience is the call of the day at the chic medispa   ambience is the call of the day at the chic medispa

As I step through the entry from Arnold Street into the waiting area I clock a large armchair, fresh white walls and gilded mirrors. Tea light candles light the way, enticing me to reception. Today I’m booked in for a Pigment Regulating Facial and on arrival I’m warmly greeted and seated in the waiting area. I have to admit I’m feeling a little nervous. The treatment, by US Cosmeceutical brand Skinceuticals, contains a high concentration of glycolic and salicylic acids. Being so active, I wonder if I’ll still be able to drift off to my happy place.

I’m introduced to my dermal therapist, Leanne, and shown to a large bathroom where I change into a soft waffle robe and slippers. Once in the facial treatment room, Leanne soaks my feet in a copper bowl of warm bubbles and asks me about my skin’s general condition and my pigmentation concerns. Despite wearing sunblock religiously, I’m starting to see the first patches of pigmentation on my cheeks and nose. Leanne tells me it’s actually very common for pigmentation to be predominately sitting under the surface of the skin. This sends me into a little bit of a panic, but I decide to wait until she looks at me properly under the magnifying mirror.


Once tucked into the heated bed, Leanne starts off with a good cleanse and exfoliation.  With the day’s debris removed, she examines my skin under the lamp. I feel like I’m anxiously awaiting a score from the judges, but despite the beginnings of some pigmentation, Leanne compliments me on the overall health and condition of my complexion. Her gentle and kind manner helps put me at ease. I’m beginning to nestle further into my cosy blanket cocoon, as Leanne mixes my mask. She warns me that some tingling and tightness will be experienced while the mask is on. I brace myself for the worst. But Leanne is incredibly professional and attentive. While she massages my neck and arms, she keeps a dialogue going and checks in regularly to assess if I am experiencing any pain or discomfort. A few tingles and I can definitely feel it working; so far, so good.

Despite trying to stay present and focused, I drift away. The massage comes to an end, the mask is washed off and a serum and moisturiser are applied. Leanne treats me to a cup of tea and a rose water Turkish delight while I sit up and regroup. I look in the mirror and, although I’m a little red and sensitive in places, I can already see my skin is looking brighter.

 instant calm, the moment you step through the door instant calm, the moment you step through the door


 creature comforts while you wait creature comforts while you wait

After I’m dressed, Leanne talks me through an aftercare regime; staying out of the sun and using some specific products, so I take home a three day course of skincare. This includes sunscreen and a tinted moisturiser to cover any redness over the next few days.

Leanne emails me the next day to check how my skin is feeling, along with an attached post care regime (a welcome reminder because I have already forgotten which order the products get used in!) She also reminds me that any skin shedding I might notice is just a normal part of the renewal process.  My skin is tight and I continue to see some patches over the next couple of days – but this subsides quickly, and about a week later I can see the overall tone of my skin has dramatically improved. My face is noticeably smoother and my existing pigmentation has lightened. Leanne and I also discuss follow-up treatments to continue attacking my underlying pigmentation. I look forward to re-booking.


All in all, my experience at Skin Temple and the Pigment Regulating Facial treatment was excellent. Despite maybe not being the most relaxing of all facial treatments (those pure actives do help to keep you in the present moment), the care and attention paid to the client is really wonderful. The holistic approach Skin Temple takes to skin (health is top priority) is reiterated when Leanne explains to me, everything stems from there.

This treatment is not able to be performed on anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding, and you need to be vigilant with your prescribed skincare routine in the days post-treatment. Staying out of the sun for the week following is also paramount. It is advisable not to have this facial if you are coming up to a holiday or a special event.


Review by Vickie Zarifopoulos


31 Arnold Street
(Shop 7 401 Street Kilda Rd)
(03) 98672992


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