No beauty editor is in it for fortune or fame (because, well, it doesn't exist). It's more for the romance of it. It's not even about the products - although, we do love them - it's about the stories beauty can tell. Memories wafting back through scent or lipstick re-sparking a lacklustre spirit, it's all a tale told. For long-time beauty editor come author, Katrina Lawrence, her stories have a signature common thread: Paris. She doesn't just love the City of Light, she is in love with its very fibre. So, after years of penning features for magazines such as L'Officiel and Harper's Bazaar she took the leap and wrote her memoir and love letter to the city, Paris DreamingWe have crossed paths with the blonde ethereal beauty many times at various beauty soirees, often admiring her calm energy and always perfect hair. But, after reading her book and fully understanding the depths of her Parisian passion, we just had to visit her Bondi home (and decadent beauty cabinet) to immerse ourselves in (and share with you) her fully-blown Francophile fascination...

“I’m a hopeless Francophile and Paris has always been a passion.

I think one of the reasons I stayed in beauty for so long is the link it gave me to Paris, which is the capital of beauty, after all. There were the occasional press trips there, and the city also visited me regularly in the form of the product sample bags that would drop on my desk daily. There’s just an extra je ne sais quoi with French fragrances and makeup.

I had the chance to take time off my day job a couple of years ago…

 and finally sit down to write a book — and so I did just that. At first, I envisaged more of a travel guide to Paris. But then it started to write itself more as a personal memoir, examining all the ways in which Paris had influenced me over the years, and what the city could also offer other women. Paris has been such a historically influential city in so many fields: politics, cuisine, philosophy, fashion, perfume … so beauty was always going to weave its way into the book in the end.

My beauty icon is Brigitte Bardot.

I’ve had a girl crush since I discovered her at the age of 16. I was instantly smitten by her insouciant style — the bedhead hair, the sooty eyes, the breezy dresses … After some embarrassing experimentation with my own beauty look, I came to accept that I wasn’t a convincing bombshell myself and I toned it all down, but my long-held preference for long blonde hair, smudgy eyes and tinted lips is probably due to having fallen for BB at such a formative age.

One thing I’ve learnt from French beauty experts is that beauty should be seen as an opportunity for pampering.

It’s not about fighting your skin and covering it up; instead it’s about working with, and enhancing, it. With that in mind, I make sure to always give myself a good twenty minutes in the bathroom each morning (I have two young boys so I also see this as my girlie-slash-sanity-slash-me-time!). I use BioDerma’s cleansing water, anti-redness creams by Avèneand Uriage, and Embryolisse moisturiser for both face and body, all of which I stock up on each time I raid a Parisian pharmacy.

I began work as a beauty editor many moons ago, so I’ve tested a lot of makeup products in my time…

… but for the most part my personal routine has stayed quite minimal. I always begin with the aforementioned camouflage work. I so wish I could be the girl who wears rosy blush but enough natural warmth shows through my base so, alas, no rouge for me. Dark circles are another pet peeve of mine. My complexion doesn’t hold foundation well so I need my skin to be as clear in tone as possible. That said, my rosacea worsens each year. I’ve had some IPL to keep it in check; I also find that a blend of It Cosmetics CC Cream and Clarins Beauty Flash Balmcovers it nicely.

I can’t carry off a bold lip…

 but I covet beautiful lipsticks in shades of pink and red — I just wear them dabbed on for a tinted effect. I especially adore those by YSLGuerlain and Chanel. For lipcare, I can never go past Lanolips. I must apply the 101 and hand cream at least ten times a day; I have tubes of it everywhere — on the desk, in my drawers, in my bags, in my car. I’m also always spraying room mist or lighting candles; I love those by Cire TrudonDiptyque and Ladurée. For a frumpy-feeling day, I’ll reach for Chloé Fleur de Parfum, or If I’m just hanging around Bondi, I’ll spray onNuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum – it’s a summer’s day in a bottle. But my usual signature is Guerlain L’Heure Bleue.

I rarely have a bad hair day.

My hair, thankfully, is pretty much wash-and-go, but I have had to step up my colour maintenance lately. A lovely colourist comes to my home every eight weeks. I’m morphing to more of an ashy cool-blonde because the increasing number of silvers (I refuse to say ‘grey’!) was clashing with the golds. I’ve been trying all sorts of purple shampoos and conditioners and treatments of late to tone down the warmth; I’m quite in love with Christophe Robin Baby Blonde. I actually love all of Christophe Robin’s haircare, especially the rose range. David Mallett, another Parisian hairdresser-turned-brand (albeit an Australian-born one), is also a favourite.

There’s nothing like fragrance for creating fond memories.

Perfume is a particular obsession. The adjective used to describe the power of a scent to take you back in time is Proustian, after Parisian author Marcel Proust, whose epic novel In Search of Lost Time was inspired by the aroma and taste of a madeleine. My most Proustian scent is that of Guerlain Météorites Powder Pearls. I found a box in my Christmas stocking when I was 13; ever since their powdery violet aroma instantly transports me to a time of yearning to be grown-up and glamorous. I collect Météorites like they’re going out of fashion. Luckily, they’re not — they still give skin the most divine luminosity.

My office is my beauty haven.

Due to the aforementioned males in my life, I’ve made it super-feminine, fragrant and a little French (of course!). I have lots of prints by Parisian-born, Bondi-based artist Clémentine Campardou of Blue, who illustrated my book; I love Kerrie Hess’s work, too. I adore perfume bottles for decoration, along with lots of flowers and books. I feel most like myself in my little boudoir-ish study. Although I sometimes sneak down to The Shop & Wine Bar for a glass of rosé. Those little moments, along with family time and nights out with girlfriends, are actually the big ones. They’re what make for a beautiful life.”

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith; Interview by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Alice Mahran

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  1. December 13, 2017

    My absolute beauty idol and biggest #girlcrush! Great interview Sigourney xx

  2. December 14, 2017

    I enjoyed her beauty write ups over the years…will look out for her book!

  3. January 18, 2018

    I have the book and also have booked my first ever trip to Paris in April! looking forward to some tips in the book. I too have lots of perfume and flowers in my office lol