• Ruby wears Emma Mulholland pants and jacket

  • Ruby's essentials include skincare and Maybelline favourites

  • Ruby's accessories collection goes everywhere with her Ruby experiments with makeup when she's DJing

  • Ruby experiments with makeup when she's DJing

  • Ruby's travel essentials

  • Ruby swears by Rescue Tec to dry out her phone when she drops it DJing

As the latest cast member of hit show Orange Is The New Black, Ruby Rose is fast amassing a legion of obsessed fans, and there's little wonder why. The girl’s a knockout: with a cropped do’, piercing green eyes and Jolie-esque pout, Ruby is also innately funny and bursting with charisma. With her androgynous style and defiant display of tatts, she might, at first, seem an unlikely makeup brand ambassador. But it’s actually these elements of her persona that make her the perfect choice for Maybelline, and a passionate and outspoken role model for a whole generation of girls. (That’s in addition to the hats she already wears as actor, DJ, model, TV presenter and recording artist). Check out our video interviews where she talks candidly about managing mental health and her struggles with gender confusion growing up.

While visiting Sydney with Maybelline and having recently announced her engagement to girlfriend Phoebe Dahl (grand daughter of Roald Dahl), Rose was basking in the radiant glow of love. We caught up with her in her hotel room at the QT and got the low down on her grooming essentials.

“I wash my face three times a day, if I can.

That’s my one important thing. I’ll do hair and makeup and then if I’ve got a break between the next fashion show I’ll wash it all off, do a quick mask and then put makeup on again, just to let my skin breath. When you’re wearing full makeup for hours, you’ll start to break out from just not having that freshness on your face. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water gets rid of all the makeup. I moisturize with a light Cetaphil, which is like the cheapest, most simple product in the world, you can get it everywhere. I love Cetaphil.

I go to a Barber instead of a hairdresser.

I’ve got my Barber in America, Dylan, he’s super famous, he does everyone’s hair, like P. Diddy and everyone. And now there’s this guy called Aaron the Barber in Melbourne and he’s the one that did these crop circles [in my hair]. This LA stuff is just the bomb, Layrite Super Hold, you just use the smallest amount. Moonshine is the best, it’s like glitter for your hair. I got in the states, it’s so good. You already have to have your hair styled and then you just put it on top and it looks all glittery and it sets. I also use a treatment by Eleven, which is by my friend [hairdresser] Joey Scandizzo.

If I’m dj-ing and I don’t put hairspray on, my hair will just be all different directions. With hairspray you just get the line where it’s indented, where the headphones were. I use Kerastase Resistance Double Force Hairspray to keep it in place; I use all their shampoos and conditioners.


The less I sleep, the worse my skin is…

Zinc is great for the brain and vitamin C is great for the body and whole immune system and Magnesium. I get vitamin B shots in the bum. I used to get sick a lot, but then I went sober and I don’t drink at all. Then there’s ginseng and energy. And the Ultra Detox helps whenever I get off a plane, especially when its fashion week, and I’ve just flown in from America and I’ve done my 17 hours and I then had a gig up in Perth then Adelaide… so I’m all about the hand sanitizer and Detox.

I pretty much use White Glo Strips every day.

They’re such a good little trick, because I don’t get my teeth whitened, I have this dentist who says that it’s the worst thing. They’re super cool because they just work instantly. I’m really lucky because I’ve never had yellow teeth. I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink a lot of wine and coffee and I still have fairly white teeth. But these I just chuck on around shoots and fashion week and they temporarily zing them up.

I go to the gym once or twice a day at the moment…

because I’m trying to get back into that mentality. Back in the day when I used to have a six-pack, I just have a keg now. I think healthy is like two or three times a week but I’ve got a very addictive personality, so I’m like let’s go! I usually listen to Taylor Swift while I’m doing cardio. She just gets me in the zone, I get so passionate and I’m like “yeah you tell him! He did you wrong, girl!” I love doing weights, I can just spend forever doing chest and arms and back and legs. Pilates I love, aside from that boxing, but more the real boxing with a trainer not boxercise, and spin, I like spin classes.



I don’t eat red meat or really processed foods…

I’m gluten intolerant, so I’m pretty strict. I eat all organic and drink heaps of water. I get food delivered because I live mainly in LA, it’s just so expensive to go to Wholefoods, buy all the ingredients to make dinner for one night, when I could just call LA Vegan, and it’s like lasagne, meatballs and so you don’t even know you’re eating vegan. I can’t imagine eating meat. I’ve got a pet pig and so I just couldn’t do it. When I started, I still ate fish and chicken but when I started to learn more about that [chicken farming] situation and the battery hens, then I got really over fishing, like the population and the planet and global warming and conspiracy theories and then suddenly I couldn’t eat anything. I was like, “Did you know carrots scream when you pull them out of the ground!” So I went raw vegan for a little bit, and now I am just vegetarian, sometimes I’ll eat fish if I’m feeling faint.

The first time I said fiancée

It is fun, but it’s also weird, like ‘fiaaance…’ everyone’s like, ‘Don’t make it into a big deal, it’s not a big deal, people get engaged,’ but it feels so crazy! Oh… I can’t wait to say wife!

I wear Faircloth [fiancée Phoebe’s fashion line], the clothes are made out of what they call ‘dead’ material, which is when it’s the end of the yard. It’s all linen, it’s all organic, when it gets to the end of it she buys all that and then makes it into different dresses and outfits. Then for every outfit bought she donates to uniforms for girls in Nepal. In Nepal if you don’t have a school uniform you can’t go to school, but a lot of them don’t have any money to go and get a school uniform and therefore they end up in sex trafficking and all this horrible stuff. So it’s just a school uniform, but that’s all it takes to get to school, and there’s hundreds and thousands of them that don’t have school uniforms. So she went over there recently and assisted in giving out uniforms and she sent me all these photos of girls in their uniforms and they’re SO happy. Can you imagine Australian kids being excited over a school uniform?



I love Australia, I’ll come back at some point.

I’ve got a house here, and I’ve got a mum that needs me to be here. She lives in Phillip Island now with this pet pig, a dog and two cats. The Pig’s name is Euphemia, it means beautiful in Greek. I call it Emphysema cause it annoys Mum! I would not name my pig Euphemia! I would name it like Bacon or something original.”

Interview by Sigourney; Arranged by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis; Photography by Jake Terrey; Hair and Makeup by Nigel Stanislaus.

Shot on location at the QT Hotel, Sydney.

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  1. July 2, 2014

    Sigourney, what do you think about washing your face three times a day? I have oily skin, and hear conflicting reports about whether to continually wash my face or leave it and wash it minimally?? Very confusing!!

    1. July 2, 2014

      Hi Chloe,
      I would avoid overwashing – you can destroy the barrier function on your skin. I would stick to once a day but look for a product with a little bit of an exfoliating property like lactic acid or glycolic (just a little bit). x

  2. July 2, 2014

    LOVE Ruby Rose! Great piece.

  3. June 18, 2015

    Oh Ruby.. just want to say that after binge watching all of Season 3 OITNB you were wonderful! You really did us proud here in Australia and I’m so glad to see you got a serious speaking part after your very bit part (but important) in ‘Around the Block’.

  4. June 19, 2015

    she is literally the best