When we profiled lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Anna Heinrich in her beautiful home, Sigourney sat down and sifted through her beauty stash with her. The glamorous influencer, who found the love of her life on The Bachelor, and was recently a recruit on SAS Australia, has learned a thing or two from her time in the spotlight.

Anna also recently launched Intu Wellness, a range of health supplements with friend Christie Whitehill. She says that becoming a new mum ignited an entrepreneurial spirit that she didn’t know she had. So much so that she has walked away from her career as a criminal lawyer to focus on building her empire and creating content on her social platforms. 

“It’s been fabulous, frightening and exciting all at the same time. I never thought I would become an entrepreneur. I didn’t think I was capable of becoming one,” she says. “I love that it gives me the freedom to still be a mum, whilst working on something I love and a product that benefits others.

Part of me was afraid to become a mum as I thought it would hold me back in all aspects of my life. However, Intu Wellness was born from a walk with a girlfriend whilst I was pregnant. Being pregnant and becoming a mum pushed me beyond what I thought was possible and in fact allowed me to flourish more than I ever have.

On that walk with my girlfriend Christie we discussed the types of supplements we were taking at the time (collagen and magnesium) and the fact that there was nothing on the market that targeted both sleep and skin.”

So, the two found a formulator and created their dream product. Something that would dial up their beauty sleep and make them feel and look amazing on waking. It’s been a baptism of fire but these are challenges that Anna is only too happy to take on.

“We are continually working on and evolving Intu Wellness. We have Sleep & Skin Renewal travel sachets coming out in a few months and various other products, which will launch later this year. Exciting times ahead!”

In our video below she shares her new mum essentials including some budget beauty buys that give great bang for buck. 

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Story by Sigourney Cantelo; Photography by Camilla Quiddington.

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