A doyenne of Sydney’s eyebrow specialist scene, Sharon Lee has been perfecting A-list arches for two decades. Being such an integral part of the Australian beauty landscape, it’s no surprise she loves a skincare product or three, though she prefers to keep makeup to a minimum, relying mainly on a Helsinki-purchased stockpile of her ride-or-die lipstick. She shared with us how her self-reliant childhood shaped her approach to dealing with clients, and her favourite ways to take some much-needed time out (cue us adding a ‘destination restoration’ trip to our calendars ASAP).

“I decided a long time ago to dig deep and just deal with whatever problems come up in life head on. I can’t think of a single curve ball I’ve ever had thrown my way that didn’t ultimately prove to be a really positive experience.

One of the toughest periods of my life was becoming a mum at the same time as I was launching my products into national department stores that were changing ownership. It’s all a learning curve and I’ve come to relish these times instead of resent them.

I’m product-obsessed and no doubt have far more stocked and stashed than any human should have.

For me, cleansing is super important. From there I tend to mix it up depending on weather and how my skin is feeling generally. I’m in my late forties so I lean towards light oils, rich creams, and active serums, whether they be from luxe brands or pharmacy lines – I like products that pack a punch.

I’m religious with doing my morning and night routines but vary what I use seasonally. I tend to be loyal to certain products, although I do dabble sometimes, particularly when it comes to masks and colour products.

Some of my favourite products are La Prarie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, Bite Beauty Agave+ Daytime Lip Balm, and Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, which I use everywhere. ASPAR Purifying Micellar Water Cleanser is the bomb and I can’t live without an organic rose and lavender face mist that I keep in the fridge and always travel with. L’Occitane Shea Nourishing Cuticle Oil is hands down the best thing ever, for under the eye, over brows, on lips… you name it.

Whether I’m in the office or working from home, my everyday approach is minimal, minimal, minimal. A light oil, eye cream, serum, mascara, and a lip colour, and I’m done.

My all-time favourite lip colour is H&M Cream Lipstick in Cream Chestnut [Ed. note: not available in Australia]. I once bought it in bulk in Helsinki and have done every time since that I’ve seen it in Europe, for fear they’ll discontinue the line. For a night out I love the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks, but no matter the occasion you’ll never catch me contouring – I hate that whole look!

Two makeup tricks I often do are to use brow soap in conjunction with our Brow Tame service to get your brows looking brushed up and to stay in place, and also once you’ve done your makeup to seal it in with a mist you keep chilled in the fridge.

My mum wears next to no makeup, and she just turned 70 but looks 60.

She never leaves the bathroom without an SPF moisturiser, eye cream, neck cream, and lip colour, and that’s about it – she makes it work. I’d say her mantra is less is best. She always told me, never pick your nose – especially from a catalogue…

Mum’s hair is thick, luscious, and full, but I got Dad’s: super fine, and with a kink. The good thing about it is it does what it’s told. It’s very easy to blow dry or straighten or toss into a top knot, which is how I wear it most days.

I was doing brows and selling Avon door to door at age 10, getting around on my pushbike. Seriously, there was never another path for me.

My dad was an explosives expert so we grew up moving around a lot; as a kid I went to 17 different schools. No doubt this ensured my ability to liaise with all types of people from all walks of life. This ability is so important in my work, which is all about the people. I absolutely love my team, the clients, our suppliers, and our partners. I’m the most impatient person, so I live for the quick yet remarkable results our services provide. Even more important to me is the shift in how a person feels about themselves afterwards.

Much as I love people, I’m not someone who is overly ‘out there’. I’m definitely a homebody by choice, as I’m in people’s faces so much with my work, in such an intimate way; time out is crucial to me.

I absolutely love hosting my friends and family and am happiest in the kitchen, though the garden comes a close second. I can name most plants I come across thanks to my Scottish grandmother, and all sorts of birds somehow find me and end up staying, I think because of my dad’s penchant for birds.

I take care of my body a few different ways, through exercise and treatments.

My thirteen-year-old son who keeps me active – we’re in the pool year-round. I’m no gym junkie, but do walk a lot with our dog and intermittently do Pilates. I enjoy regular massages and also indulging in some self care with body scrubs at home.

I’m so time-poor that I tend to book LUXit for hair, nails, and massages at home, and then venture out for proper spa days when I’m travelling, so I can completely switch off and take it all in.

I have a special soft spot for what I call destination restoration trips with the girls. One of my favourite treatments to get is a medi-pedi, because we’re on our feet so much at work. Easily the best spa day experience I’ve ever had was with my cousin in the outskirts of Las Vegas. It was an all-female, all-inclusive spa in an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere and looked really dodgy, but it was very high-end inside and ended up being life-changing!

I’m a fan of regular facials and treatments, even invasive ones.

Overall I lean toward the attitude of ageing gracefully and still looking like you, but having said that, I definitely think that if there is something about your appearance that makes you self-conscious and you want to tweak, you should go for it.”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Photography courtesy of The Grace Tales.

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