Inspired by the chic European beach scene and its year-round summer shopping, Sara Fuller opened Pam Pam in Sydney’s Double Bay in 2014. Having built the store into a must-visit for those who need the perfect beach-to-bar number for St. Tropez in June or Noosa in January, Sara took the time to talk us through her beauty regime (think lots of easy to apply cream products that do well in the heat) and her pro-layering approach to her wardrobe. One thing we learned? No matter the time of year, this is a woman who is always seeking out summer.

“For everyday makeup, as well as for special occasions, I particularly love Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury and Becca.

If I have something special on, I do like getting eyelash extensions, as it really opens and lifts my eyes. I will also get a spray tan for that natural glow. First, I like to use Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream to plump my skin, then Becca First Light Priming Filter for a complexion refresh. I’ll then go in with a cream concealer under the eyes, which I absolutely need to use everyday. I switch between ones from Becca, Bobbi Brown and Hourglass. I prefer a dewy foundation, so use either Ellis Faas or Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. For a sunkissed glow I like Soleil Tan de Chanel. When it comes to eyes it’s either a Chanel eyeshadow palette or Tom Ford cream shadow, always in shades of pinks, browns and golds. Then I add a touch of Chanel eyeliner, plus brow shadow and a quick brush through. My final touches are a sweep of Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter (a combined blush and highlighter palette) and a Bobbi Brown pink lipstick.

I tend to keep my skincare simple, as I have mild rosacea and my skin can react badly to serums and masks.

To keep my skin calm I have a facial about every six weeks in winter, alternating between white light and red light, as my skin can flair up with the cold.

In the mornings I use Dr. Spiller Wash Cream and Dr. Spiller Collagen Cream. I love these products so much – they’re both so calming and hydrating. I use Eve Lom cleanser at night, as I find it really cleanses the makeup off and definitely leaves my pores clearer. Then I use Eve Lom TLC moisturiser (I find it too heavy for day wear) and Perricone MD eye cream.

I like to keep things easy when it comes to beauty. I take care of my skin using the basics, rather than a hundred different products, and I’ve never worn a lot of makeup. I love a good foundation with SPF, blush and natural lippy.

My look is very natural but as I get older I find I need a bit more. My girls (who are 10 and 12) love Sephora and Mecca Maxima so I am getting pulled in there a lot and my makeup drawer is filling up fast. I find it so interesting that they love makeup and how they are being targeted at such a young age with things like peachy-smelling products – I used to collect smelly scratch and sniff stickers at their age.

I try and tell them to keep it simple, though in a world fuelled by the Kardashians it is definitely getting harder. I do know that they understand you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to be beautiful.

My hair is annoyingly fine. I see Belinda at La Boutique for colour – she really is amazing and is helping to transform my hair after a stint of hair extensions.

At home I use Christophe Robin volumising shampoo, and products in the Kérastase Resistance line that’s for long, strong hair. Once a week I like to use a colour mask by Christophe Robin. Basically, I’m all about volume and strength with my hair.

My personal style is fairly casual but I’m definitely influenced by trends.

I am definitely a summer person. I love being in a hot climate and having grown up in Perth, nowhere is ever hot enough for me – maybe apart from Bali or Dubai. I love summer dresses from Pam Pam with sandals and basket bags. In winter I like to repurpose a summer piece, like one of our dresses, with a leather jacket or coat.

Even though my overall approach is casual, I still love special designer pieces.

My favourites at the moment are my Miu Miu cat-eye sunnies, a Givenchy shoulder bag I just bought at Harrods and a Balenciaga white bag that was a birthday present.

Obviously I love anything from Pam Pam – as I should, given I do the buying! And my favourite label is definitely Lisa Marie Fernandez – she is the queen of summer dressing.

When I turned 40 I decided it was time to act on one of my long-held ideas, and Pam Pam was born.

In my 20s I studied fashion, worked in fashion PR and generally had a lot of fun living in London, and then my 30s were about marriage and children. During those years I was always coming up with ideas and never having the courage to act on any of them, and it is thrilling to have done so now.

Pam Pam represents my love of summer style and travel. I have lived and travelled around the world, and I knew there were many labels we didn’t have in Australia that I wanted to bring here. Sydney is such a great city but I feel the shopping can lack in originality compared to many other major cities in the world.

I always knew I wanted to work in fashion. I left Perth with my family at 17, studied fashion at uni in the UK, then worked in PR for Chanel and Versace in London.

I’ve attended London and Paris fashion shows, helped run and organise some incredible parties attended by very big stars, dressed celebrities in haute couture, took Robbie Williams shopping at the Versace store on Bond Street… I definitely ticked the box labelled ‘what I wanted to do’ early in my 20s. Working for such amazing companies I gained invaluable experience and memories, which still help me today.

I love the fact that I have created a business that is something new. There is nothing like Pam Pam in Australia, or anywhere in the world.

We were the first dedicated summer store in Australia. We are paving our own way. In less than four years we have created a brand that is known and respected around the globe.

My mum and my nana are be my biggest beauty and style influences – perfectly dressed, stylish, immaculate taste, and not a hair out of place.

My nana slept in her rollers and wouldn’t go out without her hair done. She also loved leopard and glitz, and was the life of a party.

My mum has amazing skin and always looks natural. Her hair is always perfect and she has aged so gracefully – she just keeps getting better with age. I think she and I have both become more comfortable and confident in our own skin as we have got older. When it comes to how we look as we age I do think basic maintenance is useful, but ultimately it’s all about keeping young on the inside.

My day always starts with a coffee.

When I get to work I have an egg on toast from Indigo or I like Super Elixir Protein if I’m not feeling hungry. I’m not really a big breakfast eater. If I’m at home I have muesli and fruit, and then another coffee.

Lunch is soup, sushi, a salad or a sandwich at my desk. Dinner is usually English comfort food or anything Asian-inspired and in summer, a BBQ and salad. I love anything with coriander and chilli. It’s always my biggest meal of the day and I don’t hold back (and it’s always eaten with a glass of wine red or rosé.)

To relax, I usually have a glass of wine. Or I like zoning out on Instagram and reading magazines.

I feel my best when I’m on holiday – bronzed, relaxed and happy. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that I am lucky to always have a suitcase with me full of gorgeous Pam Pam summer wardrobe essentials.”

Story by Zoe Briggs. Photography by Amy Hibbard.


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