I was inspired to write this story because in recent years the skincare offering for kids has seriously improved. When I was a tween, there was pretty much only Clinique Three Step or The Body Shop. While it was functional, it certainly wasn’t fun. Fast forward 25 years and there’s a whole host of kooky kids skincare concoctions on offer.

Case in point was the Allkinds launch Max and I were invited to recently. The new store in Sydney’s Bondi Junction Westfield was a veritable cornucopia of playful and sensorial delights: think slime-like bath jelly, whipped cream shower foams and enormous novelty sponges, all organized into six colourful and cleverly fragranced ‘worlds’.

Similarly, Zoe Foster Blake’s Gro-Tos range made an enormous splash when it launched in 2019. While skewed slightly younger than Allkinds (which is aimed at 6-16) Gro-Tos is specifically formulated for little ones and are sans nasties to give parents peace of mind. They’re also packaged in bright primary colours.  So with that in mind, I went through my kids’ bedroom and bathroom to find the products that I’ve filtered out specifically for them. These are the goodies that get a big tick from Max, Lulu AND Mum.

Allkinds Gentle Care Everyday Wash

I noticed a few little bumps coming up on Max’s cheeks lately so thought it was time to get him into some good skincare habits. I love that this wash has no fragrances or irritants and helps balance the PH of his skin. He uses the face wash with a Silicone Face Disc to really get all the dirt and grease out of his pores and help exfoliate any lumps and bumps. He likes the fun of using a tool and has taken to the routine remarkably well. I hope he keeps this up as a teenager!

In Essence Grey Marle Diffuser

I’ve been teaching the kids about the benefits of aromatherapy and they love the idea that different oils can help them with their mood and sleep. I have a diffuser in nearly every room in the house and we use different blends according to what we want to achieve. Sleep is obviously our choice for their bedrooms but we like uplifting and immune blends in the kitchen, too.

Lush Bath Bombs in Blackberry

The kids adore these deliciously fragranced bath bombs and we often have world war three over who gets to hold the dissolving orb at bath time. We have to take turns! Our favourite fragrances?  Blackberry and Intergalactic are Max’s favourites while Lulu loves anything pink, of course: Marshmallow World, Peachy and Twilight.

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Bubble Bath

If you like your bath to smell like a dessert this one is for you. This is a special bubble bath that we reserve for treat days, it smells exactly like finger buns and donuts. It’s delicious and the foam is fine and creamy.

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream

This is such a beautiful formulation. It’s creamy and thick but dissolves instantly, leaving a lovely cosseted film of protection on the skin. I use this on my kids when we go to the snow as it protects beautifully against chaffing winds and drying weather. It’s loaded with sweet almond and jojoba oils for extra hydration.

Moo Goo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream With Marshmallow, Elderberry and More

I’ve been using this on the kids since Max was a baby and first had signs of eczema on the backs of his knees and elbows. Now, whenever it flares up we use it and it settles down. In winter I even use it preventatively after bath time to make sure we don’t get any itches again.

Garnier Fructis Watermelon Hair Food

This smells so good you couldn’t be blamed for wanting to eat it. The massive tub is fun during bath time as Lulu can scoop out a big palmful and put it all over her head herself. It quickly dissolves knots and works as a treatment, too.

Willow By The Sea The Cream

Recently when Lulu had red dry patches on her face, I told her that this gorgeous solid shea butter concoction was her special cream and let her have a sniff. She thought the lemon myrtle and rosehip scent was so amazing that she wouldn’t stop applying it all morning and carried it everywhere with her. We keep it by her bed now for flaky patches.

The Body Shop Strawberry Conditioner

Lulu has SO much hair and it’s long, so we need a seriously hard working conditioner. Hair washing is such a chore but I’m much more likely to get her to comply when the product smells good. Lulu absolutely loves the smell of this one and will happily submit to being conditioned whenever I whip this out. 

Gro-To Bad Dreams Buster

When Max was having night terrors we pulled this little baby out and misted his bed generously with it, explaining that the special lavender fragrance would help him have sweet dreams. Even now that he’s a big boy and the night terrors have gone, he refuses to share it with Lulu, so it must be doing something right.

Lanolips 101 Multi Balm Watermelon

When I was a kid, long before Lanolips came along, my mum used to buy big pots of pure lanolin from the chemist and it didn’t smell nice at all. We used it everywhere, cuts, scratches, rashes, because it worked. I was so relieved when these gorgeously fruity iterations in cute tubes came out. We have a tube in every bag and hidey hole around the house for skin emergencies.

Grants Mild Mint Toothpaste

We’re in that awkward stage where Max is over the baby toothpaste but finds adult toothpaste too strong. This has been a great compromise and I love that it’s fluoride-free and contains organic aloe vera.

Upper Cut Pomade

We’ve been through hundreds of hair products for Max and this remains a firm favourite. It has great hold, a touch of shine and it smells amazing. Max won’t let me use it half the time because he wants to save it!

Happy Hairbrush in Gold

Brushing Lulu’s hair used to be an absolute punish. I was banned, as I’m too rough apparently! Damien and Max would take turns (so sweet!). It wasn’t until we were on holidays with friends that they recommended this brush. I immediately sourced one and never looked back. I tell everyone about them. They’re so gentle, they’re literally magic. It’s all we can use on Lulu now.

NitStuff A Spray A Day Keeps Nit Away

I did a video when I had to cut all Lulu’s beautiful hair off when we fell prey to knits during COVID and a lovely mum who had started this range sent me this product range. We used the shampoo and this spray to get rid of the little buggers and we give them a spritz whenever we hear of another outbreak at school. I love the tea tree scent.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo. Photography by Camilla Quiddington (@camillaquiddington). Supported by Allkinds.

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