Leave it to Drake to find the most unexpected way of endorsing a product. The rapper and songwriter was recently photographed with a tattoo of the Drakka Noir Eau de Toilette by Guy Laroche.

The Drakka Noir was introduced by Guy Laroche as a men’s fragrance in 1982 with the slogan “Feel The Power.” The fragrance is an aromatic fougère, a class of fragrances with sweet top notes and additional notes of wood, spices and herbs. The Drakka Noir, in particular, has top notes of rosemary, basil, artemisia, lemon verbena, lavender, lemon and bergamot.

The photograph was posted to Instagram last Tuesday by his tattoo artist Niki Norberg from niki23gtr parlour in Sweden. The photo shows the tattoo located on his left shoulder, next to tattoo of a flaming skull with the word “unruly” inked below.

The Drakka Noir tattoo marks number 25 out of the 26 Drake currently has. His latest tattoo, also by Norberg, is a portrait of Nigerian-born English singer-songwriter Sade with the words “with love Sade x.”

We love Drake’s spontaneity and we can’t wait to see what his next tattoo is but we think he has already created a new motto for tattoo lovers. Forget put a ring on it, get a tattoo of it.

Would you get a tattoo of your favourite beauty product? Let us know below.

Story by Annie Lin

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