We are used to seeing memes everywhere on social media but what about when it is used as the latest campaign strategy for a luxury fashion brand? Gucci took on that challenge when they unveiled a series of memes featuring Gucci watches on their Instagram account hashtagged #TFWGucci, an abbreviation of the popular expression “that feeling when”. The collection, curated by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, features collaborations between international artists and influential content creators from Instagram and Twitter.

Memes are typically made up of either a photo, video, or animated GIF, along with a witty caption depicting the struggles of daily life. Gucci has taken this social media trend and transformed it into an artistically executed advertising campaign that has captured the attention of the online community.

The slightly self-deprecating but light-hearted humour has generated a stream of mixed reactions. While it has resonated with some, others feel that the creative direction in this campaign isn’t in sync with the brand’s image.

Others have created their own memes in defence of Gucci.

While this isn’t your conventional fashion campaign, we love that Gucci took a risk by understanding the shift in people’s interests and increased engagement with social media. The shares, likes, and comments from this campaign has made Gucci more relatable and showed that they are totally on trend.

Here are some of our favourites:

See the full gallery here.

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Story by Annie Lin

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