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This morning, model Hailey Baldwin, showed us her beauty is real life (alas, those Insta shots are evidently sans selfie editor) at the launch of Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo at Catalina, Rose Bay. Despite the hair static the rest of the room of beauty media (ourselves included) battled from muggy Sydney morning weather, back-to-blonde Hailey was poised and polished – hair pulled into a chic high pony, matched with illuminating natural-toned makeup.

While she praised the Feline Kit, she seemed particularly enamoured with the lip range – each shade has been personally named by Hailey, using inspo from the people, places and experiences in her life – well, all those starting with ‘B’ anyway. From the blood-orange glossy lip lacquer Bewitched, the sandy Aussie shout Bondi and an ode her close friend’s nickname ‘Kendo Bendo‘ (we’re confidently guessing, Kendall Jenner), you can piece together a slice of her life through the range.

Hailey also spoke about her love ModelCo, explaining why her first beauty collaboration was with an Aussie brand.

“I would never collaborate with a brand that I wouldn’t use personally, and that I don’t enjoy. I knew ModelCo before they approached me and I was a fan of the products,” she said. “It just made a lot of sense.”

She went on to discuss the creative process and how she came to working with a cosmetics brand when she confesses ‘I don’t wear a lot of makeup day-to-day’.

“ModelCo is still very natural [looking] and a lot of the back and forth I had with [the brand’s founder] Shelly Barrett was… we can’t just take something like coconut oil and slap it in something,” she explained. “So Shelly came up with the idea that we mix in [coconut oil and] essential oils that are beneficial for the skin and good for the hair, and we ended up coming up with a range I absolutely love and use.”

The collaboration with the model It Girl is described by the brand as ‘pioneering a new way of cosmetics online retailing, tapping into the the millennial word of beauty’.

The range’s price point is from $25 to $120, notwithstanding the #thebeautysquad 10 piece limited edition collection for $279. All in time for Christmas, thanks Santa.

 The Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo range The Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo range


Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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