There’s nothing subtle about Kat Von D – from her penchant for tattoos (in craft and on body) to her bold, flawless Pin-Up-esque makeup, she’s no shrinking violet. But, she’s never wanted to be more seen and heard than in her plight to change consumer choices to cruelty-free.

Posting on her Instagram yesterday, she revealed that she’s not all lip(stick) service – her own brand Kat Von D Beauty has raised over $US2m for Project Chimps (a 236-acre sanctuary for chimpanzees from biomedical research labs) through sales of a lipstick designed exclusively for the organisation. She followed the fundraising news with an impassioned plea for her followers to go cruelty-free and to understand why… 

$236,000.00!!! That’s how much @katvondbeauty was able to raise+donate to @ProjectChimps thanks to all of you who purchased the limited edition #ProjectChimps lipstick! Not only will this donation help raise awareness to the cruel + unnecessary animal testing industry, but it will help give 300 chimps [who for the last 3 decades have lived an unatural life in testing labs] rehabilitation, and a safe haven to live out the comfortable life they deserve. I know there are some people that question WHY SHOULD WE EVEN CARE ABOUT ANIMAL TESTING? Whether or not you agree with me that animal testing is an act of cruelty to innocent animals, #vivasection is still something that you should be against. HERE’S WHY: •There is no such evidence that shows animal testing benefits humans. •92% of all drugs that pass animal tests FAIL in human trials. •Each year 197,000 people die from adverse drug reactions in the EU and 106,000 in the US – even though these drugs passed animal testing. •In the US alone, the vivisection industry spends over $18 BILLION dollars annually on animal testing – not to mention, more than $16 BILLION dollars of US taxpayer money goes to animal testing every year, despite its ineffectiveness. •Scientists have already developed humane methods that are far more reliable [and not to mention, a hell of a lot cheaper!] such as: DNA chips, stem cell, autopsy, MRI, CAT and PET scans, computer modell, microdosing in humans, epidemiology, microfluidics chipsi, human DNA, cells, and donated organs+tissues. •…and lastly, scientific fraud is a crime. I just want to thank all of you who support #crueltyfree beauty. I don’t care if you buy my lipstick or not…but if you support #crueltyfree beauty, you’re my homie and I love you!❤ Here are just a few cruelty-free brands out there right now that are ruling the makeup world: @anastasiabeverlyhills @beautyblender @besamecosmetics @blackmooncosmetics @crispybrows @crypticcosmetics @ellisfaascosmetics @furlesscosmetics @josiemarancosmetics @meltcosmetics @narsissist @noir.lash.co @occmakeup @sugarpill @toofaced @urbandecaycosmetics

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Today, the makeup maven introduced her followers to Gracie – a chimp housed by Project Chimps, thanking her fans for supporting the organisation.

“Say hello to Gracie! Definitely felt a special connection with her,” she wrote. “Seriously can’t thank you guys enough for supporting @ProjectChimps – seeing the work that goes into rehabilitating and housing these majestic being was inspiring to say the least – and all the support helps. #animalrights #someonenotsomething.”


Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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