Sex and the City was great for a lot of reasons; majorly, for single thirty-something women especially, its part in burgeoning a new dating revolution, changing the way we saw relationships, sex and traditional women’s roles. Oh, and the bold fashion and beauty choices, of course.

But, Kim Cattrall (aka PR maven and sexually liberated, Samantha Jones, the oldest of the four protagonists) reveals to Beauticate that for all its ballsy ‘woman hear me roar’, ageing in the ‘pretend New York’ of the show wasn’t easy. “I think there was something about Samantha that she was fighting ageing with everything she had,” Kim tells us. “I think she really love to dress up and feel good and sexy and desirable [but] it’s a fantasy world. I live in the real world. You get older, you lose something.”

However, this hasn’t made her negative about ageing in her own life. In fact, the opposite. “[With ageing] you also gain other things. What I’m gaining is self-knowledge, and I wouldn’t trade that for a wrinkle-free brow.” Here here.

It’s not the first time the show’s version of The Big Apple has been questioned by a cast member. In 2014, Chris Noth (Mr Big) said, ‘The New York that Sex and The City depicted is not the New York that I love – New York was much bigger, more interesting than just fashion and glitz and all that crap. It’s almost like New York became the [fantasy] city that Sex and the City depicted.”

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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