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One of the more difficult things about staying in shape is finding ways to work out that we actually enjoy. No one wants to come home from a day at the office to do a work out that they hate – taking care of our bodies should be challenging, but also enjoyable. As if celebrity BFFs Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips aren’t #goals enough, they’ve also managed to make their fitness something cool and fun. Their secret, you ask? Put on your dancing shoes.


Michelle and Busy’s trainer, LA based Lauren Kleban has designed a program is all about dance; incorporating ballet, yoga, and cardio into the dance-inspired interval training regime, called LEKfit. Busy credits the program to her being in the best shape of her life, and if you follow her Instagram stories, she’s having a pretty great time while she’s at it.


Lauren tells Daily Mail, “People are finally beginning to understand that you don’t need to do 60 minutes of cardio to achieve your healthiest self. Our bodies need shorter amounts of intense cardio combined with strength training.” Using dance inspired intense cardio intervals keeps workouts effective and fun. Lauren also emphasises that it’s not about doing a choreographed dance, it’s about getting your heart rate up and moving your body in a way that feels good.


There are many other programs out there in the world of studios and gyms that also focus on dance-derived cardio. Doing a tiny bit of research could also help you learn how to use dance as cardio in your at home workouts. Check out Lauren’s Instagram, @lekfit for some inspiration. You finally have an excuse to dance around your house while also being productive…perfect.


Story by Samantha Blanchfield

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