Too Faced fans, steady yourself. The brand’s co-founder Jerrod Blandino has teased us with an Instagram post confirming that a Hangover Setting Spray is definitely happening.

This is the brand’s first-ever makeup setting spray, joining the range of the brand’s cult products, Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. The spray promises to ‘prime, set and refresh’ a tired, dull complexion and contains coconut water, pro-biotic ingredients and skin revivers to give the illusion of a good night’s sleep.

The skin saviour is also free from alcohol (ironically enough), silicone, oil and cruelty. Too Faced are yet to confirm a release date, but fan fingers are crossed it’ll be in time to fill Christmas stockings, prepping for New Years’ celebrations. Watch this space.

They’re not the only brand who are bringing us nifty hangover hiders and cures…  Osmosis Skincare Harmoinzed Water (Hangover) is one that might be worth adding to your holiday stash. This consumable elixir (which tastes like normal old H2O) apparently balances the body after one too many Christmas toasts, preventing hangovers (or rather, the headaches and nausea associated with the dehydration caused by alcohol).

Working to correct the hangover before it starts, you simply put five drops under the tongue before you go to bed, and again when you wake up. The miracle worker claims to stimulate cell activity and restore healthy function. One of the Beauticate Staffers (who shall remain nameless) tried it on three separate alcohol-tainted occasions and claimed she experienced absolutely no hangover the next day. Placebo or no, we’ll have what she’s having.


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